Aukey presents 5 new smart chargers for iPhone and MacBook

by Kelvin
Aukey Dynamic Deetect

Two years ago, Apple adopted the fast charge on iPhone, like wireless charging, when most Android manufacturers have already offered it for some time. However, despite offering a fast charging system, it has not been until the launch of the iPhone 11 Pro when the charger has been changed to take advantage of it.


Both the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max incorporate a 18W fast charger, a decision that I should have made before, but we all know what it is like Apple. If you do not plan to renew your iPhone for the Pro range, you are looking for a new charger with several ports or you have lost the one you had, the options offered by Aukey are the best in the market.

Buying a charger is not a simple task and we must dedicate a little time, if we do not want to take a dislike. And I say an annoyance, because if we choose the Chinese chargers, it is more than likely that over time, both the charger and our device will stop working.

Also, if you want take advantage of fast iPhone charging, the options that come from the east are even more dangerous. Aukey offers our new range of chargers with the Dynamic Detect function, a function that is responsible for giving all the power of the charger to the ports that are being used.

The Dynamic Detect function optimizes the power distribution of the charging ports, so that the charger offers a total power of 30W on all the ports it has as long as we have only connected one device. If we connect, two, the load power will be distributed as established in the charger.

With an example we will understand them more easily. If we have a charger with two charging ports, USB-C 18W and USB-A 12W, the charger has a total power of 30W, but in reality it can only offer a maximum power of 18W, even if only the port is being used of greater power. With Dynamic Detect that does not happen since the charger is able to assign all 30W ports when only one port is being used.

This new function of the Aukey manufacturer's chargers is found in both the 30W and 60W chargers of the manufacturer. Below we show you the entire offer of Aukey chargers with Dynamic Detect currently available in the market.

Aukey smart chargers with Dynamic Detect

Aukey PA-D1 30W

Aukey PA-D1

30w charger with Dynamic Detect function, with Two output ports: USB-C and USB-A. With a power of 30W we can charge any device compatible with fast charging in less time, be it iPhone or any other compatible smartphone. It is also compatible with the Nintendo Switch and the MacBook, although it is not the best option. The 3oW charger with Aukey Dynamic Detect has a Price of 30.99 euros.

30W Aukey Charger

Aukey PA-D2 36W

Aukey PA-D2

If in our home we have already adopted the USB-C connection on all devices, the Aukey PA-D2 model may be the best option to consider. This charger offers us a 36W power through two USB-C ports.

This model is compatible with any device compatible with fast charging, Besides the Nintendo Switch and the MacBook Air, although as in the previous case, the charging time will be longer. He Aukey PA-D2 is priced at 32.99 euros.

38W Aukey Charger

Aukey PA-D3 60W

Aukey PA-D3

Aukey puts at our disposal the PA-D3 charger, a charger that offers us a 60W power through two ports: USB-C and USB-A. If we use both ports together, the load will be distributed as follows: 45W for USB-C and 15W for USB-A. If we only use the USB-C charging port, the power it will offer us will be 60W.

Thanks to the 60W of power, we can use it to charge our MacBook without problems, something that does not happen with the previous models. Aukey 60W charger is priced at 49.99 euros in Amazon.

60W Aukey Charger

Aukey PA-D4 60W

Aukey PA-D4

He Aukey PA-D4 offers us a single USB-C connection and a power of 60W, ideal power not only to charge your MacBook Air, but also allows you to charge the MacBook Pro in a dedicated way, being an excellent alternative to the official charger for the MacBook that offers us Apple.

We can also use it to charge our iPhone, compatible smartphone with fast charging, Nintendo Switch… The 60W Aukey PA-D4 is priced at 34.99 euros in Amazon.

60W Aukey Charger

Aukey PA-D5 60W

Aukey PA-D5

The Aukey PA-D5, is the model that combines the best all the previous models since it offers us a 60W power through two USB-C ports. If we use only one port, the power offered by the charger is the maximum, which is 60W. But we use it together, the load power is distributed 45 / 15W.

This charger is ideal for charge our MacBook / MacBook Pro on a regular basis and if we also have the need to charge our iPhone, iPad or any other smartphone compatible with fast charging. The Aukey PA-D5 has a weight of 181 grams and dimensions of 11 × 7.5 × 3.5 mm. It has a price of 59.99 euros in Amazon,

60W Aukey Charger