Auto dark mode comes to Android 10 with this application

by Kelvin

After a long waiting time Android finally has a complete dark mode, a way to change the interface from normal light colors to dark ones. Android 10 boasts of being able to adapt to our needs, but it does not do so automatically.

To change the mode we have to go to the relevant setting, or activate the power saving mode. But thanks to an application that has been published recently in the Google Play Store, we can do it automatically.


Auto dark mode comes to Android 10

With the Automatic Dark Theme for Android 10 application we can program the time at which the dark mode is activated and deactivated, in case we want it to be always at night, or at a specific time.

The problem is that although the installation is simple and is done like any other application, from the Google store, it is necessary to take a few more steps through the ADB that we have installed on our computer. These are the steps that we must follow:

  • We install the application.
  • We connect the mobile to the PC by cable.
  • We open the command window in the same folder in which we have downloaded the ADB binary.
  • We open the application on mobile.
  • We execute this command on the PC:
    • adb shell pm grant com.cannic.apps.automaticdarktheme  android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

The developer wants to advance the application by creating a mode that activates and deactivates this dark mode depending on the sunset and sunrise, although at the moment it is not a function that is active.

Meanwhile, we have to know that the application will work when the phone is locked (to avoid closing the app we are using) and we can specify the activation time of each theme, the light and dark.

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