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by Kelvin
Aplicación Avast Free Mobile Security


Currently the amount of information that is handled or stored in mobile terminals with Android is very high. And even some of it is very delicate … so it is not a bad idea to have a greater security from which the default operating system offers. This can be achieved with Avast Free Mobile Security.


This development, which offers excellent integration into the operating system since its operation is really good because it does not generate any malfunctions, has several functions that are useful. Thus, for example, with Avast Free Mobile Security it will be possible from detect files or applications that jeopardize the integrity of the phone or tablet (and by extension of the data that is handled with them), until checking if the WiFi networks that are accessed are secure … something essential in which they are free – since, sometimes, these are usually the breeding ground of hackers.

In the section on the use of the application itself, it must be said that the Interface of user offering this job is very clean and has several virtues. An example is the useful side menu that allows access to all the sections offered by Avast Free Mobile Security – which are not few, but several are only available in the paid version. A good detail here is that the buttons that allow you to start with the scanning and management processes are large, which makes it easy to recognize and find them. In addition, the development is fully translated, and with great success, so this is not exactly a problem.

Is it time to have an antivirus on your mobile without laughing at me?

This development has the function of being an additional security element to that offered by the operating system Android and, therefore, that the user is very calm at the time of running an application or using functions that are common and that some are not sure that they can be an element of risk (an example of what we say are networks WiFi, especially those that are open). Avast Free Mobile Security is an application that stands out for something because of its simplicity of use, since it is practically safe when using the terminals in which it is installed.

If you wonder if the use of Avast Free Mobile Security is appropriate with the different Android terminals, we have to say that in models with eight-core processor and 4 GB of RAM everything works perfectly sin which you notice a drop in performance. Of course, if the device you use is less powerful, if you have many developments open at the same time, it is possible that on some occasion the few resources that Avast Free Mobile Security consumes will be noticed. Therefore, we believe that a good optimization work.

Some more details of Avast Free Mobile Security

One of the ones we think is positive is that you can automate jobs scanning, which allows the user not to have to carry out the specific process constantly (even, there is the option to set days and hours for that). In addition, apart from the protection possibilities included in Avast Free Mobile Security, there are also sections that are useful, such as detecting a energy consumption abusive … which often means that there is something that is working in the background and should not be there. Of course, advanced scanning options that deepen a lot you will not get in the version without cost.

We have tested Avast Free Mobile Security at different times and with very different dangers. The truth is that it has detected The vast majority of problems (such as files with threats inside and, also, when connecting to WiFi networks that are suspicious), good news. In addition to sending a notice with potential problems, they are also offered solutions What is always important. The truth is that we have been quite convinced by the efficiency of this development. Therefore, as an interesting step to add security to the non-tablet phone is not a bad option.

Downloading the Avast Free Mobile Security application

If you want to try the protection options offered by this application for the Android operating system, you can get it free both in Galaxy Store as in Play Store. In this way, you will know firsthand if what it offers is positive and, otherwise, having no cost you will not have to regret anything.

Avast Free Mobile Security score table

Get Avast Free Mobile Security at Galaxy Store

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