Avoid Emerging Notifications of Updates in IOS

by Kelvin
Avoid Emerging Notifications of Updates in IOS

You get to work, you sit on the couch and you start enjoying your favorite movie on your device MAC. Suddenly, a pop-up window appears on the screen. There is a new system update. Would you like it delete those notifications and be yourself who decides when you want to know if there is that update of iOS? Then continue reading, because in this post we will explain how to stop notifications and disable annoying pop-ups.

Two MAC solutions

The operating system itself iOS It offers you two possibilities to stop these warnings.


Use terminal

Even if you are worried about having to open that application for everything you could do with it, don't be afraid of it. Do it and type (or copy and paste) this command sudo mv /Library/Bundles/OSXNotification.bundle ~ / Documents / && softwareupdate –ignore macOSInstallerNotification_GM. Then press the enter key. Notifications should not reappear.

Through Finder

This method is also very simple although it takes more steps. In short, what you will have to do is open the Finder and move the files that are displaying the library notification. Make sure you follow the following enumeration:

1 – Open Finder and then Go / Go to folder.

2 – Write the route / Library / Packages / (make sure you put the start and end bars) and click Go.

3 – There you will find the file OSXNotification.bundle. Open it.

4 – In order to move it, you must give your administrator username and password.

5 – Once this is done, the file will have disappeared from the folder, but you still have to do one more thing.

6 – Open the Terminal and enter the command softwareupdate –ignore macOSInstallerNotification_GM. By giving the intro you will be executing the command and the notices of updates of your equipment will have disappeared.

Two external solutions

In addition to these iOS tips you also have two other methods that you can apply to get rid of update notices.

Blocking update domains on your router Apple

The goal is to put the addresses appldnld.apple.com Y mesu.apple.com on your blacklist That is, iask that they can be loaded through your router. Of course, keep in mind that if you connect with that device to another network (WI-FI, in the office or in a public space) the notification will reappear since they are not blocked.

Installing tvOS on the iDevice

If you have developer account of Apple and your goal is to remove notifications on a mobile device of the brand, such as iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, this is the easiest option. You will only have to access your account and install tvOS profile on the device It will ask for your code and the device will restart. When it turns on again, you will not see the pop-up window again.

And if I do this, how do I update my device?

If you have decided to eliminate notifications through MAC solutions you will have no problem updating your device to the latest version of iOS. Just enter the menu and search Software updates to see if there are any available.

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