Axloie Attitude: TWS Headset Reviews

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Axloie Attitude: TWS Headset Reviews 1

The design is compact and comfortable to wear, hold and perfect for fitness: they are Axloie Attitude headphones, let's see how they behave in our reviews!


that Axloie's attitude They arrive in a nice blue package, with a small window that allows you to see one of the two headphones. The idea to reproduce the Axloie logo on some sides of the box was good, while on the back we only found technical information.Axloie Attitude: TWS 3 "headphone reviews width =" 2560 "height =" 1922

The content of the package is quite classic: in addition to the headphones and charging boxes, we find very small cables. Micro usb and both 3 connect the adapter, so they can cover most of the size of the atrium. You can see the existence of a clutch to insert a cargo box. There are also guarantees and quick guides, fortunately also in Italy.

Axloie Attitude: TWS 4 "width =" 2560 "height =" 1922 headphone reviews


  • Model: Axloie's attitude
  • Action range: 10m
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Material: PC + ABS plastic
  • Noise Cancellation: CVC 6.0
  • Battery / POWERBANK: 3000mAh
  • Battery: 50 mAh
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Waterproof: IPX5

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The first feeling you feel when you drink Axloie's attitude It is certainly light. Only available in matte black (headphones and cases, the latter with a glossy finish), they are suitable for all types of ears, even if there are people who prefer a longer design.Axloie Attitude: TWS 6 "width =" 2560 "height =" 1922 headphone reviews

There are blue-red LEDs on both earbuds, which indicate charging and installation status. Attitudes are designed for sports use: high build quality and IPX5 certification It allows you to use it in all kinds of activities without having to worry, as they are resistant to sweat, splashes and rain.

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The low weight and good design make this Axloie Attitude really comfortable to use: even though they are compatible with standard rubber, I prefer to use the smaller ones and in any case I have never had any stability or pain issues.

Axloie Attitude: TWS 7 "width =" 2560 "height =" 1922 headphone reviews

The same applies to the filling box, equipped with 3 status LEDs to indicate the charge level. I really appreciate the internal design of the case, which carefully holds the headphones, without the possibility of them moving inside. The glossy finish of the lid (interlocking), which tends to scratch easily, is slightly lacking.

Axloie Attitude: TWS 8 "width =" 2560 "height =" 1922 headphone reviews

The really small size allows you to put the box in your pocket or compartment in any bag, with no hassle. The included clutch is also good.

Axloie Attitude: TWS 9 headphone reviews Axloie Attitude: TWS 10 headphones reviews

The idea of ​​completing the charging box with a USB port is very good: thanks Includes a 3000 mAh battery You can use the box to charge your device. Capacity is not too high, but this is a feature that can be very useful in more than one case.


But let's get straight to the point, what does Axloie's attitude sound like? Let's start by saying that the maximum volume is normal and, thanks to the excellent work of isolating external noise, with CVC 6.0 technology, you will enjoy every moment of music. Even at suboptimal volume, it's almost impossible to hear what they're saying, and for this reason I don't recommend using both headphones together while driving.

Axloie Attitude: TWS 11 "width =" 2560 "height =" 1922 headphone reviews

The strength of these headphones is undoubtedly balance: the high, medium and low work are in harmony with a fairly pleasant balance.

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Axloie Attitude: TWS 12 "width =" 2560 "height =" 1922 headphone reviews

The sound quality is really good, and it still is even at very high volumes – I haven't found any distortion or loss of quality with streaming services like YouTube or Spotify or by format flacFully compatible. Listening to videos on platforms like Netflix is ​​also a lot of fun and always at a high level. Audio and microphone are also good during calls.

A2DP / AVRCP / HFP / HSP profiles are also supported.

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That couple Axloie's attitude The device will take a few seconds and after the first installation they will automatically connect after removing it from the internal box. 1 second The notification will notify you of a successful connection, and will also give you information about the battery level.

The TWS y headphones can be used within a 10m radius of the connected device, provided there are not too many obstacles. The main earphone is the left, which you can use safely.

Axloie Attitude: TWS Headphone Reviews 14 "width =" 2560 "height =" 1922

The battery life fully reflects the promises, and it only takes 1 hour to fully recharge the attitude.

Touch controls are also on the dash, on both headsets: single, double, triple and long touch, to perform almost all the necessary functions, such as activating voice assistants, answering and ending calls, changing songs and intervening in volume.


Axloie Attitude: TWS 15 "width =" 2560 "height =" 1922 headphone reviews

that Axloie's attitude They are, without a doubt, extraordinary headphones, which are used every day for all kinds of activities, from sports to music and television series. I have not found any significant flaw, especially considering the price range in which they are placed.

You can buy it Axloie's attitude is active Amazon.Item at a discounted price of € 43.99.

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Thanks to current promotions you can save an additional 15% by entering a discount code: R2SH69UE.

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