AZ Screen, capture the mobile screen on video or photos

by Kelvin
AZ Screen, capture the mobile screen on video or photos

AZ Screen, capture the mobile screen on video or photos 2

Nowadays it is easy to take a screenshot of our mobile, either by a combination of physical buttons, an app or a gesture – like Samsung's hand to run the screen. Although if what we are looking for is the possibility of being able to capture in video what we are doing at that moment, from playing an app making a commented gameplay to downloading video content from other websites, networks or platforms, we must resort to other tools, such as for example AZ Screen Recorder.

How to capture on the mobile any video you see on the Web

Do you want to capture a trailer you just saw in YouTube? Save the Stories that a friend has dedicated to you in Instagram? Have the intro of a game you love on your mobile? With AZ Screen Recorder it's simple, since the trick of this app is that it works like a screen capturer, and therefore record anything that is happening on the smartphone screen. Screen Recorder has no time limit on recording, has no advertising for being free and does not place a watermark on the video.


Although the best part is that, unlike other screen capturers, no root access required -that the terminal is rooted / pirated- and works on a normal mobile. With the app you can also capture the audio from the terminal microphone, what is an advantage if we want for example record a video tutorial teaching how an application is handled, a new function of a social network, a commented gameplay of some game or a Relay of an e-Sport competition that we are currently watching live and then we want to hang on our channel.

In two clicks

To capture something you just have to open the app and then a small ‘floating’ four-button interface will appear, giving you the first button, the red one, immediately iwill begin the capture process. We can stop recording and start it again as many times as we want; give the 'X' so that the video is stored in the Mobile Gallery, and customize it by choosing the video resolution, the frame rate, the bit rate, countdown timer, overprinted text, logos, slow motion, time of recording, etc.

And later copy the resulting video to the SD card To save space. You can also edit the videos and create GIFs, although those functions are for the premium paid version. Then we leave the link to download the app:

Download AZ Screen Recorder for Android

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