B.blend un.plug, practicality and fidelity of flavors in a beverage machine

by Kelvin

B.blend un.plug is Brastemp's all-in-one capsule beverage machine that combines versatility and variety of flavors.

B.blend un.plug is latest addition to the line B.blend gives Brastempfirst-line capsule beverage machine all-in-one of the world. That is, with it, you can use capsules of liquid content such as juice concentrates, sodas, energy, cold and carbonated water, chocolate and other hot drinks, to prepare your drink in very few minutes.


What the un.plug The biggest differential is a special water compartment, eliminating installation in only one point and adding more practicality in everyday life. With a sober yet robust design, the B.blend un.plug It is practical and combines with various environments.

THE Brastemp gave us a sample of B.blend un.plug for testing, and after a few weeks with the product, you check out our full review.

Robust but elegant design

B.blend un.plug does not need home installationB.blend un.plug does not need home installation

The machines that make coffee through capsules are becoming more popular in Brazil, and the bet of Brastemp with the B.blend un.plug It is precisely to unite, in a single model, the ability to make, in addition to coffee, soft drinks, juices, hot or cold drinks, carbonated or still, as practical as possible.

Launched in February, different from B.blend en.joy, the model does not require water point because it already has a removable compartment for adding filtered water. Due to this new technology, the model can make the most varied drinks of everyday life in various environments such as living room, office, kitchen or balcony.

The model we tested has a white color, but can also be found in a black color. In addition, there are versions with 110V and 220V. The design of the machine is robust precisely because it has its own water compartment, and it may take up considerable space in your rack – measuring 39.5 x 32.2 x 45 (cm) and 32kg. Despite its robustness, both the white color with gray accents are elegant and combine with various environments.

Capsules for all tastes

The portfolio has several beverage categories, with over 40 flavors available.The portfolio has several beverage categories, with over 40 flavors available.

The current portfolio of B.blend It covers various categories of beverages with over 40 flavors. These options are available thanks to the partnership of Brastemp with the Ambev, responsible for passing on the concentrated drinks. The capsule beverage machine still has an intelligent system that can identify what needs to be done based on the code contained in the capsule.

The various flavors are very complex and include both cold drinks such as most sodas, juices of various flavors, iced tea, healthy juices, among others as hot drinks – cappuccino, coffee and hot teas. In addition it is also possible to have cold, hot, sparkling or slightly carbonated water.

Capsule FlavorsCapsule Flavors

As for taste, it's amazing how the machine preserves the original flavor of drinks – even carbonated ones! As much as machine companies promise to maintain the original taste of beverages, the biggest fear we have is precisely the artificial or, say, different taste. It is surprising that the soda gets as cold and carbonated as can cans. The juices are also very faithful – 100% of the fruit – the iced tea is tasty.

You can make carbonated drinks at B.blend un.plugYou can make carbonated drinks at B.blend un.plug

The capsules range from $ 1.99 to $ 4.49, where the cheapest models are sodas and juices, while the most expensive items are the energy line. For the most passionate about various types of drinks, the Brastemp It also makes the subscription plan available to users.

Users who want to be part of the plan will not have to pay membership or cancellation fees. In addition, you can change box preferences over the months. To do this, simply register with the Product Application and choose one of the three plans offered by Brastemp:

  • B.smart, entitled to three boxes with 10% discount on the first purchase;
  • B.coolfrom four to nine boxes with a 15% discount on the first purchase;
  • B.lover, from ten boxes and free shipping with 15% discount on the first purchase.

Check below an official video of the capsules functioning in B.blend:

The way all-in-one need

With the convenience of the beverage machine, it is possible to make coffees faster than competitors, such as Nespresso, but it still stands out by the way all-in-one, developed by Brastemp, which is the world's first model capable of preparing a variety of drinks in one place without a mix of flavors, ranging from cold to hot, carbonated or non-carbonated beverages.

The flavor of the drinks is very true to the original, both carbonated and juices.The flavor of the drinks is very true to the original, both carbonated and juices.

The process for making a soda similar to traditional cans is not easy to explain, but at B.blend un.plug is quite practical and simple. For gasification, the beverage machine has in its composition a gas cylinder that yields up to 37.5 liters, allowing to prepare about 185 drinks. When finished, the machine is able to warn when it needs to be replaced and has an easy to change system.

Next to it is the special cylinder compartmentNext door is the special water compartment

The cost of replacing cylinders costs around $ 100. The machine also uses a water filter that should be changed every six months, worth $ 90. However, the water filter is small, and needs constantly being filled. Brastemp had to include this system to avoid needing a specific water point for the installation. For the user, the biggest benefit is the practicality, being able to have a model of the B.blend un.plug even in your room – wouldn't it be wonderful to have a drink machine a few feet from your bed?

At first use, simply plug it in, fill the filtered water tank and press the button “Sparkling water”. Of course, the machine should take 5 to 10 minutes as it will be freezing the water in the reservoir. Remember that it is important to adjust the glass tray so that it is very close to the water outlet. It's quite simple, you have to push this flagged part and adjust it up or down.

Below is a video tutorial of how easy it is to change the gas cylinder for the preparation of refrigerants and energy drinks:


Line prices B.blend They are not very inviting for consumers who just want an espresso machine. Now if you are looking for one of the most complete and practical beverage machines to prepare over 40 types of drinks, you will need to shell out about R $ 1,999.00.

Different from model B.blend en.joy, which has no mobility and leaves for R $ 2,699.00, a B.blend un.plug It is the model for users who do not have water points and a more compact kitchen. It is noteworthy that, being a more practical machine than en.joy, it does not come with a water purifier.


Try to be amazed by the possibilities of B.blend un.plugTry to be amazed by the possibilities of B.blend un.plug

THE B.blend un.plug It is the ideal beverage machine for you want convenience to prepare your favorite juices anywhere in your home. With its differential mobility, with removable compartment for filtered water, the model also gains in variety and fidelity of beverage flavor. It's any lover's dream for fast drinks (express drinks, in free translation).

Technical Specifications B.blend un.plug

Power (W)11,000W
ColorsBlack and white
Operating Temperature (ºC) min: 10 ° C – max: 32 ° C
Place of installation Keep away from walls and appliances.
No need for water point.
Machine Measurements 39.5 x 32.2 x 45 (cm)
Warranty12 months
Weight32 kg
PriceR $ 1,999.00 or in 10x from R $ 199.90 interest-free

What did you think of B.blend un.plug? Leave your opinion in the comments!

Brastemp B.blend un.plug machine

Brastemp B.blend un.plug machine

B.blend un.plug is a capsule beverage platform that needs no installation and no water point. Practicality is being able to drink soda in the kitchen, coffee in the home office, juice in the living room and a drink on the gourmet balcony.


  • Allows you to make drinks and sodas at home, hot or cold, and even carbonated. Includes juices, coffees and even guarana capsules, pepsi, etc;
  • Easier and more practical than storing bottles in the fridge (your soda will never lose its gas);
  • Using capsules, it is faster than making coffee in a Nespresso;
  • Has water reservoir (no connection to the plumbing of the house).


  • Machine size can be a problem in small kitchens;
  • The water reservoir is small;
  • It has no water purifier.

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