Back to school !: 5 essential apps to organize September

by Kelvin
Back to school

September returns and school returns. Now that the routine returns, the children return to class and you to work, the organization returns and the list of things to do. Taking advantage of the Back to School and the return to September, we compile some of the best calendar applications or tasks that will make your life easier.


Applications that will help you organize this course start and that will not forget the basics: pick up your class children, parent meetings, work meetings, doctor's appointments or make the purchase so that there is something in the fridge to have dinner every day. We help you.

This application should already be on your phone and if it is not, install as soon as possible. You will keep track of all dates and important events and you can synchronize it with all your devices, with your mobile, your tablet or your computer. You can see all events and you can add them with colors, by type, by dates. In addition, it also allows shared calendars or automatically syncs with Gmail if you have a flight or a meeting that you cannot miss. An essential application for your smartphone or tablet with which you will be much easier back to school.

google calendar

If you do not know how to start organizing dinners, Menuterraneus is an option for family planning. You can plan your family's menus for each week or add your children's school menu to have it all at a glance. You can find all kinds of recipes and mark them as favorites to make when you need them. In addition, once you have generated the menu, the application automatically creates your shopping list so you know what you should buy. You can also find discount coupons for the supermarket or share the list with another person.

The Google task list is a super simple and convenient application for day to day. It is like pointing on a piece of paper all you have to do and crossing out. But without paper. You can create different to-do lists as you see fit (work, leisure, children …) and add the things you have to do every day or week. Or the things you have to buy. Once you do them you just have to cross it outs to mark them as completed. A super simple and intuitive application that will help you organize yourself much better.

Google Tasks App

Now that the school is back, Qustodio is essential so you have control of what your children do with the smartphone and at what time they use it. It allows you to block adult content, set limits on applications and games or decide the times when you can use your mobile phone and those that do not, to make sure they do their homework or are not distracted in class. A fundamental application of parental control that you can not miss.

And if there is something that worries us about September is the money and the amount of expenses that multiply. Expenditure on back to school, new notebooks, books, school supplies, uniforms. Monefy is an application that will allow you to control expenses and know what you are using money for. Simply add the amount you have spent and the category in which you have spent it (leisure, restaurants, shopping, bills) and so on you can keep total control of your income and expenses in this month.

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