Back to school! The best children's apps to learn math

by Kelvin
Back to school! The best children's apps to learn math

Now what the school returns, Your smartphone is the best ally to help the little ones in the house improve or overcome their duties. Going back to class is not always easy but with the help of your mobile phone or tablet you can go over what you have learned in class or improve on certain subjects. Like math

Today we show you some of the best applicationss to learn or review math For the smallest of the house. They will be able to improve at any level, from preschool age to teenagers already in high school. Whatever the level, these are some of the best applications and games that you can have

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With this free and entertaining game, children can play certain games to improve math, to learn how to add and subtract. A game with a very attractive and colorful interface and with a very simple operation. The smallest of the house can count, they can learn to compare or they can add and subtract in an entertaining way with all kinds of dolls, animals, fruits, etc.

Another fun and entertaining game to learn math on your smartphone. With this game you can learn to count, you can learn to multiply, add, subtract or divide. A very attractive and fun game with which children can review what they have learned in class or learn new things: from the basics to learn to program with basic notions about code.

For the smallest of the house, BabyBus games are one of the best options. And Little Panda Math Genius will help you start counting, adding and subtracting. A game for children in preschool age with colorful and attractive graphics for them, with explanations through the voice that will not require them to know how to read. Many challenges, options and activities for them to learn to concentrate and develop their math skills at any age.

For children older and teenagers or adults, Math games is an application that will help improve the ability to solve problems and operations. All kinds of games to activate the mind and master numbers and mathematics. A game available in different languages ​​and also allow to play in multiplayer mode with any friend or compete online against other people. With this game you can learn to add, subtract, multiply or divide but also improve mental calculation or practice exponents or square roots.

Also for children and teenagers, Photomath is one of the most interesting applications as long as you have adult supervision. You can scan math problems to get instant results with the application or follow step by step instructions to know how to solve them. A very interesting application to try to solve the duties. In addition, you can also access a scientific calculator, it works in 30 languages ​​and does not need an Internet connection to work. An interesting and very complete option for all those children or adolescents with problems in mathematics.

For teenagers, Quick Brain will help with mental calculation at any age and it is one of the most complete and useful applications. The objective of this game is to develop your intelligence with operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication or division but in the shortest possible time to train your brain. All kinds of different activities and games to train without getting bored and you will have to get the maximum amount of correct answers before time runs out.

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