Banana Kong Blast is a dynamic arcade that clearly imitates the great Donkey Kong

by Kelvin
Banana Kong Blast

Banana Kong Blast is the perfect casual arcade for the nostalgic Donkey Kong He did his own years ago. In fact, his main character is almost identical to Donkey himself, so if you missed a Nintendo-type game here you have one of the good ones.

A freemium with that energy that can despair many, since you will play and you will play until the same game prevents you. Who would say it years ago when there were no limits as long as you paid an exact amount to get a premium game.


Enter the barrel barrel with the King of the Jungle

Banana Kong Blast basically relies on entering continuous cannons to launch our protagonist towards the next and thus complete the levels. The best is the dynamism that prevails in each game and that will lead you to more than fun and entertaining moments.

The objective or idea is that our protagonist don't miss any of those succulent bananas waiting for you to finish the levels with the highest score. It will all be a matter of having a little patience and devising well the way in which our Donkey Kong will be guided.


At Banana Kong Blast we have an environment with which we can participate and thus help us. That is, our Prota will need to use all possible aids To reach the end On that road you will find all kinds of enemies such as cockatoos or those barrels that will move at the right time for our Donkey Kong to fall and hit a good blow.

Hang on lianas, throw yourself in water slides and much more

In Banana Kong Blast many surprises await us and from the first level you will realize that each one of them is designed for you to enjoy. They have not been decorated to give the feeling that we have a lot of content, but they are full of fun moments like hanging on vines and even throwing you down water slides.

Banana Kong Blast on Android

Neither are missing the final bosses at certain levels and that if you delete them they will open the way for the rescue of some of your friends. It is an adventure in the jungle in which there is no lack of detail such as those sounds that put their atmosphere or the perfect animations of our protagonist with whom we will discover new areas.

In total there are 6 packages with 48 levels that await you and some extra levels in which you will ride on a very crazy wild boar and with which you will have fun jumping. There is also a lack of customization with 38 objects to personalize and thus have your protagonist well cuckoo for his adventures with his animal friends. Those items are also worth it to tune your cabin from which you will begin your missions and adventures.

For the nostalgic Donkey Kong

Banana Kong Blast is a game almost identical to the mythical Donkey Kong. That monkey protagonist with the barrels is a big nod to Nintendo and how we continue to miss the Japanese company bringing us that gameplay again from his hand; even if we have Mario again. Be that as it may, this new casual arcade platform is left to love and play for you to enjoy a good game.

Banana Kong Blast on Android

Technically it is striking the presence of a good and entertaining soundtrack, those 3D landscapes that produce striking visual effects and great content divided into 48 levels with which you will enjoy as a child. The truth is that they have worked for you to bring a good casual to the screen of your mobile.

Banana Kong Blast is a freemium game with energy that comes to remind us to Donkey Kong of yesteryear with nostalgia. It has all the ingredients so that it becomes your favorite casual one for the return of vacations and thus leave aside the post-holiday depression. A title that is appreciated, although we hate the freemium.

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