Batman, convict or anarch? Let this AI classify you by your photo 1Have you ever been told that you have Batman's face? Or what do you look like having spent a few years in jail? ImageNet Roulette is a system designed to tell you the truth in the face. Although in reality, we are facing a tool rather designed for provocation, with which we want to focus on the dangers of AI (Artificial Intelligence) when using it to recognize faces. But what exactly is this about?

It happens to all of us. When you are going to take your picture for your ID or driving license, the result is usually spectacularly dramatic. You had all your hopes that this time it was going to work out, but no: what you really look like (and with all of the law) is a convict of those who are afraid or the member of a terrorist band.


Batman, convict or anarch? Let this AI classify you by your photo 2And this is just what happens with facial recognition technologies. Although they promise to be no more of the future in terms of security, the dangers of AI (Artificial Intelligence) have already been revealed on different occasions. Because how can a machine label us in one or another category of person just considering the coordinates of our face?

And although it is used in different countries in airports and other customs spaces, in some cities they have already raised their hands to ban it. One of the most technological cities in the world, San Francisco, approved last May the first law that prohibits using facial recognition technology.

They cite reasons such as the right to privacy and the protection of minorities. Something that is usually violated when this technology is in the hands of law enforcement. There are few entities and organizations that ensure human rights that have issued their own complaints in this regard.

ImageNet Roulette classifies you only by the photo

It may offer you disparate, acidic and even absolutely absurd results. But it's the way the creators of ImageNet Roulette to denounce the use that some organizations and authorities make of facial recognition technologies.

And in a few minutes, an image and a theoretically intelligent technology can send you head to head toughest airport controls, just because you wear a beard and a mustache that make you look like a common criminal theorist. You may be labeled in the blink of an eye as an illegal immigrant or that artificial intelligence software says you have the face of a former convict or serial killer.

To try the smart technology from ImageNet Roulette you just have to access this page, let the system launch your computer's webcam and try to put on your best face. If you prefer, you can also use a photo you have stored on your device. Wait a few seconds (it may take a while to process your mask) to get a label.

You will know right away if you have the face of an angel, a myopic, a convict or a repeat offender. They may at best tell you that you look like Batman or that you are a white painted clown. In reality everything will depend on your posture in the photo, the light and whether or not you wear an accessory.. Anyway, do not take it badly. This is just a sample of what artificial intelligence technology can do with us, poor pitcher souls, if we allow ourselves to be observed – or forced – by supposedly intelligent cameras, capable of drawing conclusions for themselves.

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