Battery and RAM data for the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro

by Kelvin
Battery and RAM data for the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro

We know that Apple She is very reluctant to share different data on her devices, and in the presentation of this year's iPhone, we witnessed that the company "didn't say much" about some features.

Hence, in their presentations not everything is told but what the company avoids enter into certain comparisons that do not benefit you. It is the case of the battery and is the case of the RAM of your phones.

iOS is a very different operating system from Android in many aspects, and consumption is one of them. Not only memory but also energy, hence it makes sense to face the numbers of an Android against another in those matters, but it is less relevant to do it with an iPhone in front of any Android phone. So the iPhone 11 arrived and There was no talk of battery or RAM.


4 GB and 6 GB of RAM in the new generation

The data had already been put on the table weeks before the arrival of the new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Now, the data is refuted with a new leak coming from OnLeaks that continues without throwing officiality on them.

These official data will only be known when they begin to arrive benchmarks of the test phones, and when someone decides to take the screwdriver and disassemble the phones to see what is printed on those internal batteries.

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iPhone 11

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But what OnLeaks tells us is the following. The leak speaks of the iPhone 11, the successor of the iPhone XR and now the basis of the new generation of phones Apple has 4 GB of RAM and with an internal battery of 3,110 mAh.

As in previous years, we talk about a non-removable battery and that in this generation maintains the wireless charge and carries the fast charge up to 18W.

The top model, the iPhone 11 Pro, raise the RAM to 6 GB and it has a very similar battery, of 3,190 mAh. Logical given that we talk about different price levels but very similar sizes. The last, iPhone 11 Pro Max, maintains 6 GB of RAM and raise the battery to 3,500 mAh.



2,942 mAh3,110 mAh (+ 5.7%)2,658 mAh3,190 mAh (+ 20%)3,174 mAh3,500 mAh (+ 10.3%)

A considerable leap against the last generation in which we talked about 3 GB and 4 GB for iPhone XR and XS, and 2,943 mAh, 2,658 mAh and 3,174 mAh.

So, we have more complete picture of the new iPhone 11. We repeat, without official data. But in the meantime we can better draw the new phones of the Californian firm, which can be bought in a very short time.

Source | Onleaks

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