Benchmark for iPhone 11 suggests it will have 1 GB more RAM and a modest processor

by Kelvin
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Just one week to go to the next generation iPhone presentation in the usual Keynote of Apple. However, several leaks about the hypothetical iPhone 11 remain known, the most recent being a benchmark test.

It seems that the successor to the iPhone XR will have 1 GB of additional RAM, while the processor performance was not surprising… But the Apple You can have a trick up your sleeve!


iPhone 11

The Keynote presentation of the upcoming iPhone is already on September 10th. Over the past few months many well-founded rumors have been known of what these new smartphones gives Apple.

Rumors and leaks suggest that Apple will announce three new iPhone models to "replace" the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR. It is also known that devices that replace the XS and XS Max, bring a strong bet on cameras. The new iPhones could be iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Max (or iPhone 11 Pro Max).

iPhone 11

In addition, the three models should arrive with the new A13 processor, nicknamed Cebu, model T8030. 3D Touch should be replaced by Haptic Touch.

What do the iPhone 11 benchmark tests tell us?

The latest benchmark tests on this smartphone from Geekbench show that it will have 1 GB more RAM than its predecessor, the iPhone XR. However, processor performance fell short of expectations.

Benchmark Geekbench iPhone 11

The model described in the test, called iPhone12,1, is the most basic model of the three expected to be presented at Keynote. This iPhone XR successor now has 4 GB of RAM. Given that last year the iPhone XR had 1 GB less RAM compared to the XS, it is possible that this year will happen the same and the tops have 5 GB RAM.

At the scoring level, this iPhone12.1 achieved 5415 points in single-core and 11294 in multi-core. Compared to iPhone XR, this new iPhone is 12% more powerful in single-core tasks, but in multi-core the results are extremely similar.

If these results are confirmed, it will be one of the smallest upgrades ever in Cupertino's processor family. However, this year the Apple You may have decided not to focus so much on performance, but on efficiency that will impact battery life. In addition, Geekbench only tests the smartphone's CPU… And rumors indicate that the Apple can put a Matrix coprocessor in the A13!

See invitation from Apple for next week's keynote…

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