Sound bars have become a very interesting option for those looking to improve the sound of their TV without performing complicated speaker installations. That is why the vast majority of audio device manufacturers have been tempted to launch such devices. One of those that were missing to launch his proposal was Bang & Olufsen, the well-known manufacturer of high-end equipment. As well, finally the Danish company has succumbed to the current trend and presented the Beosound Stage.

We are facing a bar that looks a very different design than usual. The Beosound Stage has been designed in collaboration with the Danish studio NORM Architects with the idea of ​​creating a technology that is better integrated into home decoration. To achieve this, it has been used a simple and minimalist frame, available in natural aluminum, bronze-tone aluminum or smoked oak. The frame is visible all around the outside of the sound bar and includes an integrated recorded sensory control panel.

launch Beosound Stage frame

The natural and bronze tone frames are made of a single piece of forged aluminum, thus avoiding visible welds. The smoked oak version features traditionally made dovetail joints, highlighting the careful design of this sound bar.


On the front we have acoustic fabric covering the speaker system. The brand has left a 2 mm gap between the frame and the fabric cover with the idea that it seems that the speaker part is "floating" inside the frame.

11 controllers for surround sound

launch Beosound Stage speakers

In addition to a very careful design, the Beosound Stage is equipped with eleven speaker controllers. Each has its own 50-watt amplifier, which results in a 3-channel speaker.

The bar is equipped with large custom woofers that cover a greater part of the lower frequency range. The central channel controllers include four of those 4-inch woofers, which are designed to reduce distortion and allow for greater movement, thus providing better bass performance.

The middle frequencies of the center channel are managed by two 1½ inch midrange controllers along with a ¾ inch dome tweeter. The left and right sides of the speaker are optimized for three-dimensional sound. A medium range of 1½ inches and a ¾ inch tweeter on each side that are close together forming a 45 degree angle off the axis in a deflector design to create a 3D sound effect.

launch Beosound Stage Dolby Atmos

This set of speakers achieves a very wide sound stage, compatible with the Dolby Atmos technology. In addition, the bar has different listening modes, optimized to adapt to what is being
Listening in every moment. We have five different modes available: TV, Music, Movie, Night Listening or None.

Like any other sound bar, the Beosound Stage has been designed to accompany the TV. However, it can also work as a stand-alone music system. Is compatible with the main transmission technologies since it incorporates Chromecast, AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth). It even offers multi-room functionality.

Price and availability

launch Beosound Stage prices

The new Beosound Stage sound bar with finishes Aluminum and Bronze Tone it will be available online, in selected stores and in Bang & Olufsen stores in the coming weeks with an official price of 1,500 euros.

The finished model Smoked Oak You will only be sold in Bang & Olufsen stores and will have an official price of 2,250 euros.

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