Besides Light and Dark Mode, Will There Be New Themes on iOS iPhone?

by Kelvin
Besides Light and Dark Mode, Will There Be New Themes on iOS iPhone?

NESABAMEDIA.COM – We got our first iOS theme last year, when Apple brings Dark Theme (Dark Mode) system-wide to iPhone as part of iOS 13. But the way iPhone users take advantage of the widgets and shortcuts in iOS 14 to completely change the look of their device shows that there is a demand for more iOS themes across the system.

Indeed, one app designed to help users create custom widgets that are placed at the top of the App Store charts.

Widgetsmith topped the charts, while Color Widgets and Photo Widgets round out the top three apps, providing a testament to the immense popularity of custom home screens.


We responded by providing hands-on guidance for creating customized widgets in Widgetsmith and customized app icons using Shortcuts. Using Widgetsmith is simple.

The Widgetsmith process is very easy. You can simply click the “Add” button for the size of the widget you want to create, then tap the widget to customize it.

The first decision you have to make is what kind of information you want the widget to display on your home screen […] Within each data type, there are different options for displaying whatever data type you choose.

From there, you have additional customization options including font style, tint color, and background color. The results can be as colorful and aesthetically pleasing as you want them to be.

Creating custom app icons in Shortcuts is a bit more complicated, with an 8-step process.

iPhone owners are very creative in some of the results they achieve, but some may not be happy with the work and clunky nature of Shortcuts’ approach.

Something to keep in mind while you are creating an iOS 14 aesthetic with the Shortcuts app/custom icon, when you tap on it to launch the app, you’ll briefly see the Shortcuts app on the iPhone before opening the app linked to the app. It’s a bit clunky, but that’s the price we have to pay for the custom iOS 14 aesthetic (at least as long as Apple does not allow changing the actual app icon).

Jason Snell of Macworld suggested that Apple had to respond to this request by creating more iOS themes (which some think is more aptly called fashion).

Apple should seriously consider extending its theme system beyond the iPhone’s Light and Dark mode. Imagine several official themes that users can choose from, and then each app on their device can customize its appearance to reflect that theme. These themes can include color schemes and, yes, custom icons for each app. Think of it as a logical extension of a custom created background image Apple for devices with different colors.

Yes, Classic may even use skeuomorphic icons considering some users have reverted to the old style aesthetic.

For example, if a developer chooses red, yellow, and green for their app, choosing a Pastel or Primary Colors theme will keep the colors intact, but apply a different palette to give them a very different look.