Best apps on iOS to study and organize the course better

by Kelvin

Sometimes we see the routine as something bad, which bores us and demotivates us. However, a positive attitude towards her can make her change completely. Within this are also those things that make our day to day easier, and that is why in this post we bring you a compilation with the best iOS applications for students, with which you can be more productive and get better grades if You use them well.

Best apps for students on iPhone and iPad



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You can download Evernote by clicking here

This is one of the most prominent applications every year in the App Store and it is not for less. In the same app you can combine several functions of tremendous utility that range from note taking, task management and calendar and even the possibility of scanning documents. It is undoubtedly one of the most recommended if you also want to use it on different devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Mac because it is cross-platform. And yes, also on Android devices is available. To be able to enjoy it, the payment of a monthly subscription is required, although they offer you a free time so you can thoroughly test all its functionalities.

Class schedule


You can download Class Schedule by clicking here

If you are looking for an app simple and very visual With which to have quick access to your class schedules, this is the ideal application. You can add the subjects, teacher, time and days taught and even the classroom. You can see it in full color, so that just by taking a look you already know what you have for that day. Note that you can add important events such as exams or work delivery. If you also have a Apple Watch, you can add your compilation to your sphere so that with just turning the wrist you already know that it is the next thing you have.

GoodNotes 5


You can download GoodNotes 4 by clicking here

When we tell you which were the best apps to take notes on the iPad, we highlight GoodNotes and we love this app. It can be from very useful in class to take notes quickly with the Apple Pencil on the iPad with the assurance that our notes will be kept saved. Then you can organize all your notes and notes the way you want, since this app is like a kind of notebook notebook. It is also compatible with iPad, iPhone and Mac so that you carry the device you carry you can always access your writings. It has a download price of € 8.99 that will be well worth it.


You can download SimpleMind + Mind maps by clicking here

It is clear that in the end we are not machines and memorize a lot of agenda and understand it can be very complicated sometimes. Therefore, a good way to understand all concepts is through mental schemes In this app you are offered precisely that, the possibility of making schemes with which to clarify the concepts related to the subject in question that you are studying in order to serve to understand it and therefore study the theoretical part better.



You can download Busuu by clicking here

Nowadays, in practically any university career, grade or educational level, English and other languages ​​are fundamental. Therefore we recommend this app with which beyond learning the grammar of the language in particular, you can Learn with everyday phrases used in everyday life. The good thing about this app is that you have the level you have of the language you want to learn, it will adapt to you. Note the 12 languages available in this app, although if you want to know more similar apps you can take a look at the compilation of best apps to learn English that we launched on this website.

iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox …


And finally, having a cloud that stores files is essential for almost anyone and of course also for students. Power storing documents such as notes, text work or presentations in a cloud storage service is a guarantee of security. We recommend iCloud Drive for its good synchronization with the entire device ecosystem of Apple. Their rates are € 0.99 / month for 50 GB, € 2.99 / month for 200 GB and € 9.99 / month for 2 TB. Although obviously other services such as Google Drive, Dropbox and any other can serve perfectly.

And you? Have you tried any of these apps? What do you think? You can leave your impressions in the comment box.