Best MacOS Time Machine Alternatives for Windows

by Kelvin
Best MacOS Time Machine Alternatives for Windows

Unfortunately, Time Machine is a macOS feature, not a third-party program that might work with other operating systems. And for this reason, it is only available for the operating system. Applewithout being able to take advantage of its functions in Windows or Linux. Fortunately, there are developers looking for ways to port this program, or at least as similar alternatives as possible to other operating systems.

Best MacOS Time Machine Alternatives for Windows

Below we will see the best alternatives for creating and maintaining backups in Windows as they are done in macOS.


Backup Windows, halfway to Time Machine

V Windows has its own tool for automatically backing up users’ files and folders. While the truth is that it falls short of the level of Time Machine, for the average user it might be enough. V Windows 10 this tool is located in the Settings menu, under Update & Security> Recovery.

Copia seguridad Windows 10

This tool uses the operating system file history. This means that after assigning a drive (such as an external hard drive) to Windows 10 the system saves there a differential copy with the changes that were made to each file in the system. Thus, if one of the changes destroys the file or for any reason the file is deleted, thanks to history, we can restore it.

This feature is completely free and is installed by default in Windows 10. Even users Windows 7 can find a similar backup function in Control Panel.

Genie Timeline, Protect All Files Effortlessly

Genie timeline

This program is probably one of the most reliable and easy-to-use replacement for macOS Time Machine in Windows… This software is responsible for automatically managing our PC and backing up all of our personal files, no matter where they are stored: on a PC, on an external hard drive, on a network drive, etc. This program is responsible for detecting and saving a copy all new files and all those that have changed, so if something goes wrong, we can restore them.

After installation and configuration, in 3 simple steps we can forget about this task, the program will take care of everything. It has a feature that allows us to recover deleted data and even access all of our data over the Internet.

We can download Genie Timeline from Their website, The license for this program costs 35 euros.

CrashPlan, $ 10 / Month Cloud Backups

If we are one of those who choose to trust the cloud when storing our backups, then we are definitely interested in CrashPlan. This service is mainly for businesses (although we can use it domestically) and one of its best features is that with a single payment of $ 10 per month, we can back up all of our data to the cloud, no limit space. Moreover, it also allows us to protect network drives and external hard drives.

The backup is performed automatically by the client of this program, and it can resume the backup if for any reason it stops (such as a power outage or the Internet). It has a military encryption system that prevents anyone or anyone from seeing our data, protects us from ransomware, and allows us to restore backups to any other computer.

We can read more about CrashPlan at the following link.

Duplicates, make backups to personal clouds


If we don’t want to be as dependent on a company as CrashPlan, we can resort to alternative programs that allow us to choose where we want to store our backups. Duplicates it is a completely free program that allows us to make simple backups of our computer and store them in any cloud we want. This program is compatible with the most common protocols such as FTP, WebDAV and SSH, and also allows us to upload copies to One Drive, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Mega and many more storage services. All backups are encrypted and we can easily set up and schedule backups.

We can download this backup software from the Duplicate Site.

EASEUS Todo Backup

EASEUS Todo Backup

Todo Backup is a free backup software created by EaseUS to help users protect their most important data from any possible disruption or problem. Windowsthat can lead to their loss. This program has a complete backup function that allows us to set up our own backups so that we can always keep our most important data safe.

In addition to the backup function, we will also find a tool that will allow us to clone partitions or hard drives. This is the best way to save our system, so that if something goes wrong, we can restore the system as it was during the creation of the clone.

Finally, point out that EASEUS Todo Backup is one of the fastest to recover deleted data from our computer. We can download this program from here.

SyncBack, hassle-free backup


Another alternative that will allow us to forget about macOS Time Machine is SyncBack. This program specializes in backing up and synchronizing data and directories. This program allows us to create and schedule backup plans as well as keep our catalogs in sync all the time. We can also recover deleted or deleted data very easily in case something goes wrong while using the computer.

Users who are not very computer savvy can switch to simple mode, while more advanced users have an operating mode that gives them full control over their backups.

This program is free and we can download it from the website.In addition, we can also find two commercial versions that add additional functions to this backup program. Among others, 64-bit support, the ability to sync data with the cloud, data validation functions and much more.

MiniTool ShadowMaker, simple and fast backup software

MiniTool ShadowMaker

This is another of the easiest-to-use programs that allows us to make backups of our system and our data both personally and professionally. ShadowMaker allows us to customize all kinds of backups, from full hard drive cloning to point recovery. It also supports directory and data synchronization and even incremental copies of our operating system. All copies can be made manually or programmed so that the program takes care of them, and we forget about everything else.

We can download MiniTool ShadowMaker from the developer’s site.