Best of the week: Check out the electric bill villains and more

by Kelvin
Destaque melhores da semana 15 08 2020

See tips on how to save energy, how Microsoft’s new foldable smartphone works, and more! Check out Showmetech’s “Best of the Week” list

Update from Microsoft that lets you run Android apps on Windows 10 to releases that reach the Amazon Prime Video in August, this last week is full of news and tips for you. Couldn’t keep up with everything? We understand!

With that in mind, Showmetech publishes the β€œbest of the weekβ€œ, a list of the most read articles and the most watched videos of the week. This makes it even easier for you to stay on top of what the main highlights were.

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Check below which were the most read articles and most watched videos this past week on showmetech.

Showmetech TRIO: Run Android apps on your Windows 10

We started the β€œbest of the week” with this video from the Showmetech Trio, who commented on an update to Microsoft’s program that will allow Samsung phone owners to be able to run Android apps right on the Windows 10. The video also commented on the return of NASA astronauts who traveled inside the Crew Dragon and their impressions of the SpaceX spacecraft and, finally, on a new short by an Oscar winning director that was shot all vertically using only an iPhone 11 Pro. Who knows, You know, huh?

Wasting a lot of energy? Discover 10 Electronic Electric Bill Villains

In times of pandemic and staying longer at home, the electricity bill can get more expensive. And saving energy is important not only to avoid any surprises at the end of the month, but also a way to contribute to the preservation of the environment and practice conscious consumption. In fact, according to CEMIG, the waste of electricity represents 18% of all energy consumed in the country. Thinking about it, the showmetech prepared a list for you to check which are the 10 electronics that consume the most energy at home.

Amazon Prime Video: Check out the news coming to streaming in August

New titles are arriving in the catalog of Amazon Prime Video in August. The Brazilian series β€œ1 Contra Todos” has arrived, accompanied by eight seasons of the classic 24 hours. Now one of the big news is the new Bear Grylls series. After the interactive film on Netflix, the adventurer explores another streaming service in a series format competition. The 10-episode series called World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji will debut this Saturday (15). And those are just the highlights. Check out the complete list of everything that will arrive in the catalog of Amazon Prime Video in August. And of course, you can also check out the full list of Netflix releases in August.

Video: Learn how to choose a memory card

Did you know that the right type of memory card can last longer than a card with a large amount of storage space? So it is! In this video, the showmetech It takes all your doubts about how to choose and take care of memory cards, as well as explaining the main models. To tell you these and other curiosities, Showmetech spoke with Iuri Santos, technology manager at Kingston in Brazil, one of the leaders in the segment.

Windows: Are Cheap Activation Keys Reliable?

The subject of activation keys Windows it is, to say the least, thorny. Anyone with a little common sense, when buying a new computer without an operating system, must have wondered why so many websites are able to sell official Microsoft activation keys for so little. Now, the amount sometimes is not even 10% of the original amount charged by the technology giant. How then does this work? O showmetech explains this to you and even tells you whether or not you should trust those activation keys that are so cheap.

Microsoft starts pre-ordering Surface Duo, the company’s folding smartphone

To close this β€œbest of the weekβ€œ, let’s talk about Microsoft’s new folding smartphone, which went on pre-order this week. The Surface Duo dual-screen smartphone is one of the most anticipated devices by tech fans since it was announced by the company last year. Similar to the Galaxy Fold from Samsung and Huawei’s Mate X, the Surface Duo can be folded for easy transport, and unlike these others smartphones it does not use the technology of a folding screen, but rather two screens connected by β€œclamps”. In this Showmetech article, you’ll find more details about how Microsoft’s new smartphone works, what to expect from it and, of course, how much it should cost.

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