Best practices for iPhone and iPad Jailbreak users

by Kelvin
Best practices for iPhone and iPad Jailbreak users 1

Some useful practices for iPhone and iPad Jailbreak

There are many users who are experts in jailbreaking iPhone and iPad, as there are many others who are newbies in the hacking world of iOS devices from Apple. Regardless of this, if you are one of those who are planning Jailbreak iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, or even if you are one of those who have done it recently, there are several good practices that you should take into account to avoid any type of problem and to ensure that your device works correctly.

Best practices for iPhone and iPad Jailbreak users 2

Tips for iPhone and iPad users with Jailbreak

Below you will find some very useful advice that you should keep in mind when doing Jailbreak on both iPhone and iPad.

  • Before doing anything related to Jailbreak you have to make sure you make a backup copy of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch through iCloud or iTunes. This is probably the most advice you should keep in mind before modifying the device.
  • Do not try to perform a software update via OTA (Over-The-Air) through Settings> General> Software update as this could cause some problems. In fact, new versions of Jailbreak such as evasi0n and Pangu prevent updates from being made through OTA.
  • It is important to keep in mind that we should not use the option that allows us to erase all the content of the device directly through the settings of the device, if this has the Jailbreak done since this could generate problems and could place the device in a loop of boot that will force you to set it to restore mode.
  • Install OpenSSH from Cydia to access the root file system using an FTP program directly from your PC or Mac, such as Cyberduck or WinSCP. Remember that you will have to change the default root password to make sure the device stays safe.

Best practices for iPhone and iPad Jailbreak users 3

  • Install the afc2 package on your iOS device directly from Cydia so you can access the file system from the root using a program such as ifunbox for Mac or PC.
  • Use iFile as a tool for viewing, managing and editing the root of the file system of your iOS device, where you can check the files / var / mobile / Library / Logs / CrashReporter / LatestCrash.ips where you will find a list of settings that probably caused your device to stop working.
  • If your device is operating in safe mode or has a loop reset, press and hold the volume up button when rebooting to disable all mobilesubstrate settings. You can then open Cydia and eliminate what is causing the errors or conflicts on the device.
  • If you want to have a complete list of the jailbreak applications and tweak that you have installed on your device, with AppInfo you will have a useful tool that you can use to get all that data. This can be useful if you are going to restore.
  • Before doing the Jailbreak to the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or iPad mini, it is advisable to temporarily deactivate the «Code lock» only to ensure that there will be no problems. Of course, this is more a precaution than anything else.
  • If you are going to restore your device with Jailbreak, it is recommended that you only use the SemiRestore tool as a last step, to avoid losing all your data.

iOS 7 Jailbreak Cydia

  • To speed up your device with jailbreak you can install a tweak called iCleaner Pro from Cydia to eliminate processes that delay the launch of apps and are unnecessary.
  • You can also use iCleaner Pro to routinely clean your device's file system with jailbreak, which can be configured using another jailbreak tweak called activator.
  • A general advice which is important to keep in mind that not installing packages from sources not recognized in Cydia, such sources could be malicious or cause problems on the device.
  • Another general advice is that only Jailbreak settings that are really useful or necessary should be installed, if you download all the Cydia packages, this could cause the device to have incompatibility problems and enter in a safe way constantly. This will also cause a loss of the total system RAM and will lead to a general slowdown of the entire device.
  • Already as a last tip is to have common sense when updating to the latest firmware versions of Apple, iOS, just release them Apple. This can cause us to lose the Jailbreak and, in some cases, that we cannot do it again until new exploits are discovered that allow the development and publication of a new tool for jailbreak.

Best practices for iPhone and iPad Jailbreak users 4

Many of these are the most common practices when doing or having problems with the Jailbreak, In the same way if, among those mentioned in this article, one of the ones you use is not found and you think it is important to highlight, do not hesitate to leave it through the comments below.

Keep in mind that those mentioned in this article are general tips and tricks about the Jailbreak to ensure that the hacked device works optimally.

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