Best Science Accounts in Twitter

by Kelvin
Лучшие научные аккаунты в Twitter

Scientific dissemination at your fingertips

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It seems incredible that while most of them do not use these services, social media keeps us updated on the latest scientific news. Topics such as astronomy, biology, evolution, mathematics, physics, chemistry,…. All these “sticks” are touched every day by many science lovers who selflessly publish their knowledge or actual information about them.

Although not all will be serious and sensible publications. Some of these Twitter accounts are doing a job that we think is great, which is to bring science and technology to all viewers in a clear and simple way. Thus, many more people may be interested in a sector that was not so long ago considered something of a “geek”.


Top accounts in Twitter about science

However, it’s time to move on to those accounts that we said you should follow on Twitter if you’re interested in science. Get ready, there are all kinds of profiles.

Neil de Grasse Tyson (@neiltyson)

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The first profile that we want to talk to you about is, in turn, one of the most popular scientists in the modern world. He’s a doctor. Neil de Grasse Tyson , astrophysicist, writer and popularizer of science from the United States. He also serves as Director of the Hayden Planetarium at the Rose Center for Earth and Space and is a Junior Researcher in the Astrophysics Department of the Natural History Museum of America. His profile on this social network is currently being followed by more than 14 million science-loving users.

Curiosity Rover (@MarsCuriosity)

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If you are passionate about Red Planet you should follow Curiosity Rover account like more than 4 million users already make on Twitter. The place where you can find information related to Mars, and of course the research that Curiosity Rover has been doing with it for 15 years.

Dr. Jane Goodall and the Jane Goodall Institute (@JaneGoodallInst)

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This lady’s face will surely sound familiar to you if you love science, or at least if you are a fan of certain nature documentaries. This Dr. Jane Goodall , an English ethologist and UN peace envoy, besides being considered one of the greatest experts in the study of primates (especially wild chimpanzees) and their social and family relationships. In addition, she is the founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and the Roots & Shoots program.

In short, she is one of the greatest experts and advocates for the study of our closest non-human relatives. Dr. Jane is now under close scrutiny. 1.5 million users via social network Blue Bird.

NASA in Spanish (@NASA_es)

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And, of course, we cannot talk about science-related reports without disregarding the NASA profile. In particular, since this is our native language, we want to refer to NASA in Spanish , a profile for which almost 1 million people on the Twitter…

FECYT (@FECYT_Science)

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On the other hand, there is a profile FECYT , Which is also called Spanish Science and Technology Foundation … This foundation, through this social network, is mandated to disseminate, as stated in its biography, science and innovation to all audiences. In it we will see news of world interest in the scientific sector, innovative projects, curiosities, discoveries and much more, which will be appreciated by all lovers of this world. FECYT is accompanied by 237,000 people on the Twitter…

IFLScience (@IFLScience)

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While it may sound strange, science and humor can live together and get along pretty well. An illustrative example demonstrates IFLScience a profile where every publication and scientific information is presented in an easy and fun way to dazzle any public. This account is followed by 225,000 users on the Blue Bird social network.

Antonio Martinez Ron (@aberron)

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On the other hand, we have Antonio Martinez Ron, one of the most famous journalists in Spain in terms of disseminating scientific knowledge. He has authored various media such as Cadena SER, La Secta or RNE, directed documentaries, collaborated with television programs, participated in podcasts and even wrote books. Undoubtedly, every post by Antonio shows us a super-interesting side of science, based on articles, news, curiosities or new discoveries that are already dazzling. nearly 100,000 users on this social network.

Big Van Science (@BigVanScience)

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As we mentioned earlier, science doesn’t have to be serious and boring. Another one of the profiles responsible for demonstrating it: Big Van Ciencia but in this case in Spanish. A group of physicists, chemists, astrophysicists, mathematicians, biologists and many more who are responsible for spreading science, making us smile. And, most importantly, they do it simply and for everyone.

Currently, almost 62,000 people follow them through this social network. In addition, you should be careful about their account, because when the virus surrounding us allows it, they will come back to read their lectures and private conversations, which are very entertaining.

Women with science (@womenconciencia)

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Striving to support the role of women in the science sector, Mujeres Con Ciencia an account was developed that is currently being followed by almost 62,000 users on Twitter. A publication belonging to the Department of Scientific Culture of the University of the Basque Country, in which through Twitter they publish articles on women scientists, share stories about the history of women in the sector, and many other very interesting publications.

Joan Munaster (@sciencegoddess)

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Finally, we want to recommend that you sign up for an account Dr. Joanne Munaster … A biologist who, through Twitter, is committed to encouraging young people (with a particular focus on girls, as was the case in the previous report) to enter the scientific sector as their future work. Dr. Joan’s profile is currently being followed 58,000 people through this social network.