Best Sports Straps for Xiaomi Mi Band 6

by Kelvin
Лучшие спортивные ремешки для Xiaomi Mi Band 6

The new Xiaomi smart bracelet has arrived with very great news. First, it has a larger and brighter screen than the previous generation. It’s also more customizable than ever, with more selectable sport modes. But above all, if anything characterizes the Xiaomi Mi Band, it is its customization options, and the Mi Band 6 was not going to be smaller. In addition to more and more watch faces that look better than ever, we have the ability to easily change their belts which is also compatible with Mi Band 5.

The best sports straps for Xiaomi Mi Band 6

Wearing a sports strap on the Mi Band 6?

Everything will depend on the type of user. If you are going to use the bracelet as a fashion accessory, you do not have to consider a sports strap, but simply choose the one that you like best. However, the very fact walk, run or play sports A wrist bracelet means it will be exposed to factors such as sweat, possible shock and wear and tear due to inclement weather, for example.


This is exactly the moment when we should think about buying a sports strap for Mi Band 6. With a wide range of possibilities, prevails silicone as a durable and cheap material it can also be offered in many colors. However, there are other materials, such as “canvas”, which is also very durable and ideal for sports activities. After that, we can always change the strap to our regular strap, which can be made of metal or other materials that are less suitable for sports.

Smart bracelet with fondo amarillo

Sports straps for Mi Band 6

In this selection, we can see the parameters in a large number of colors and material options … The good news is that the straps for the Mi Band 6 are very inexpensive, so in some variants we will come across packaging that will contain multiple straps. As we say, when it comes to finding a compatible bracelet, we can take a look at the Mi Band 5 as they are compatible.

T-Bluer canvas strap

It is a suitable strap for sports as it is made of canvas type fabric. This handcrafted material is ideal for training because of its mobility and flexibility. It is also breathable and only weighs 20 grams. It is available in a wide selection of flowers and its price is only 13 euros.

T-BLUER Correa roja

Solo Loop for Mi Band 6

Another interesting option is this craft style nylon strap, elegant and durable. This allows you adapt the length so that it can be worn on any wrist and it is also a personal sports option due to its breathability, flexibility and durability. It is also easy to clean under running water. Its price is approaching 10 euros.

Correa Nilon Mi Group 6

The cheapest silicone packaging

No less than 15 silicone bracelets in this package for only 8 euros. So we will have different colors for every day, but it is important that these are high quality silicone straps with a soft, lightweight and breathable coating. They are comfortable to wear and do not irritate the skin. They are ideal for sports as they improve air flow, prevent perspiration and are very durable.

Correas Silicone Mi Group 6

BDIG 1, silicone and elegance

Having a silicone sports bracelet that looks elegant is possible. This is exactly what happens with Bdig straps, which are two-piece in one package. These straps are made of durable and flexible silicone. They are comfortable to wear, environmentally friendly and resistant to wear and tear. it’s the same offers very comfortable, lightweight, breathable and sweat-resistant design. It is comfortable and safe for human skin.

BDIG 1 correas de silicona

Mi-Case Silicone Strap

In this case, we have a pack of three silicone camouflage straps. It fits perfectly on the wrist thanks to its very elegant and durable design. It is also breathable and easy to wash when needed … It is priced at € 7.59, but the good news is that it includes three TPU screen protectors that protect our Mi Band 6 from bumps and scratches.

Mi-Case Correa de Silicona

Bdig packing waterproof belts

Ideal packaging for six waterproof micro-perforated sports bracelets. For the price of 9.80 euros we offer belts in different colors, resistant to all kinds of abuse. We can hit them, get them dirty or sweat with no problem since they will resist anything and more. They are very lightweight and flexible, ideal for any sport.

BDIG [6 + 2] Pulsera Mi Band 6

Colorful T-Bluer

For only 12.99 euros we can access this interesting T-Bluer package. These are the belts made of high quality material, environmental resistant, waterproof, durable and breathable. They come in a size that can be adjusted to suit each user’s wrist.

T-bluer de colores[/AmazonButton]

Shazikaihui, nylon strap

For only 6.99 € we can choose from a huge number of colors of this nylon bracelet. It is tear resistant, water resistant and very comfortable for sports. The manufacturer himself recommends its sports use to go to the gym, swim, do yoga or any other outdoor sports. They can be ours for only 6.99 euros.

nailon con colores mi band 6

Qianyou transparent silicone

Excellent package of two silicone bracelets with gradient colors. Its advantage is that they adapt well to the doll’s skin and shape , being a material that is resistant to dirt and has high strength. They are also lightweight and breathable because they are designed to circulate airflow and thus prevent sweat from accumulating.

Qianyou 2 Piezas Correas

Breathable Mijobs Straps

The latter option can be obtained for only 6.80 euros. In this case, the strength of silicone is combined without compromising design, as it has a very elegant aluminum buckle. It can be adjusted in a range of sizes to fit any wrist and offers great flexibility and strength.

Mijobs Correas Mi Band 6