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Anker built its entire brand with the power of its battery chargers, developing in the past nine years from startups to becoming one of the leading brands in mobile accessories and smart home technology. Even as its product range continues to grow, its batteries are still some of the best you can buy today. When it comes to portable chargers, Anker offers more models than you can count, with a variety of battery shapes, sizes, and capacities to meet anyone's needs. Out of all its ranges, one stands above the rest for a combination of portability, high capacity, and price: PowerCore 10000 Anker.

To be honest, PowerCore is almost a bit boring. It doesn't offer wireless charging, folding cables, or other unique things that can't be found in dozens of anonymous batteries in Amazon. Instead, PowerCore is our best option because its power as a battery is unbeatable. This is one of the smallest 10,000 mAh batteries you can find today, a capacity high enough to charge a cell phone at least twice from zero to 100 percent, and it can be recharged in less than five hours.

The biggest weakness with PowerCore comes from his age. This is not the last charger launched by Anker, so you should hold it with a longer port selection to charge the phone and battery. Although charging your device via USB-A is not that bad, PowerCore charges via a micro USB cable (included). In 2020, as more and more devices slowly move to USB-C, it's hard to justify adding other devices that load with ports that are already a decade old.

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However, that is not enough to reduce how powerful Anker PowerCore is. At $ 26, this is an absolute steal, the perfect size to put in your backpack or even keep in your pocket. This isn't the newest, coolest, or fastest charger on this list, but in the case of batteries, it manages to provide the best for everyone by being the most important – cheap and reliable.

Anker made a newer version of this unit, PowerCore Redux, which includes USB-C power transfers for fast charging. At $ 46, this is almost double the cost of a standard PowerCore, but if you really need USB-C, Redux is a great battery.


  • Great capacity for the price.
  • Classic design
  • No frills


  • No USB-C port
  • Still recharging via micro USB

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