Best WooCommerce hosting 2020

Best WooCommerce hosting 2020 1

WooCommerce currently supports more than a quarter of the sites on the Web. Impressive statistics when you consider how many WordPress users we have out there. Sucuri conducts regular audits to make sure everything is encrypted and protected from hackers. When it comes to customer personal information like home address, phone number, and credit card numbers, you should feel like you are using a secure platform that does not legally take you into hot water.

WooCommerce works perfectly with WordPress, which means you don't have to start over and learn a whole new program that can take weeks. Instead, WooCommerce will merge the business with its content. This means that you can have your SEO team write articles that attract customers directly to your store where they can easily view and submit products. All the tools you need are in one place and easily accessible. Since WooCommerce is also modular, you don't have to worry about slowing down your site. Just use the opportunities that are an integral part of your business and leave the rest behind. Having known many of the benefits and popularity of this platform, what is the best host to use with WooCommerce? We can see four of the best WooCommerce hosts compared to each other.

  1. Bluehost

  2. Iart.

  3. Forest accommodation.

  4. A2 hosting.


Bluehost is the first on our list for the best host for WooCommerce. As a popular host with competitive prices, WooCommerce and Bluehost can sell everything, e.g. B. digital e-books, music tracks or images. Bluehost includes many plugins that make WooCommerce work seamlessly with your system, e.g.

  • A call to speak directly to you and get your business up and running quickly.
  • WordPress and WooCommerce come automatically.
  • SSL to ensure that customer information is protected.

Try it out today and see if you like working with the best host and the most popular e-commerce platform.

2, SiteGround

SiteGround is another great company that you can work with to increase your online sales and gain more market share in your business. SiteGround is known as a host that offers excellent security and fast loading time, so your online store visitors will feel comfortable shopping when they enter your information. You have the following:

  • PCI compliant server.
  • SSL certificates for encrypted payments.

PCI is short for the payment card industry, and PCI DSS is a data security standard that helps service providers take a holistic approach to protect shoppers. This initiative aims to prevent online credit card fraud and uninvited visitors from bad actors who want to compromise your site and ruin your reputation. SiteGround is a great opportunity if you are concerned about security!

Forest hosting Woocommerce hosting

3, Forest accommodation

Third on our list, Hosting Forest is another great option if you want to open an online store with solid hosting you can trust. They also offer businesses opportunities to sell physical products, subscriptions, and digital content. No matter what business you want to open, they cover you! These stores can also be opened in any country, as the developers of the WooCommerce platform come from all over the world. Open a store in Canada, Japan or even South Africa!

Accommodation in the forest is excellent because it is 24/7. Provides support. If something goes wrong in your online store, you don't have to worry about the long downtime that the end result costs you! Chat with them via email and expect them to respond in just three business days. You can also call them from different countries and each country has its own phone number. Hosting Forest is truly an international company that can help business owners in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Hosting Forest also likes to give something back to the community. When they buy services from them, they give a percentage to organizations trying to help with climate change. Your site will be credited with showing that you are interested in the environment and that you are using an environmentally friendly business. This is a fantastic company to commit to and they are experts in e-commerce. Try them out today to see the difference in service.

A2 hosting Woocommerce hosting

4, Accommodation A2

At fourth place on our list, A2 Hosting is a good choice for business owners just starting out on the WooCommerce platform. A2 offers a great resource with its website search box. If you search for words like WooCommerce, you will receive instructions on how to install and activate the plugin. When you install WooCommerce for the first time, you may notice a slowdown in the loading speed of your site. This is due to AJAX calls that verify your virtual shopping cart. A2 provides you with a guide to walk you through all the steps to remove features you may not be using. This speeds up your site and makes the process easier for buyers!

With this list of great hosts working with WooCommerce, you can set up your own online store in no time. Check back often with good themes! We always provide you with the most up-to-date lists that you can use to improve your WordPress site.

Why WooCommerce hosting is important to WordPress websites

Retail has changed and many companies have trouble keeping up. A few decades ago, the Internet was more of a curiosity than a commercial power that we see today. Older companies were unaware of the power and flexibility that the Internet could offer, which meant that new businesses could spring up overnight and eliminate market share.

Almost all companies today know how important it is to position yourself well in digital marketing and to have an online store that accepts Internet sales. Even for companies that have not yet established a digital business, most recognize the importance of adapting to the times and attracting a wider audience through a well-developed e-commerce business.


According to, there are an estimated 2.05 billion digital buyers this year. This is global and is not limited to North America or Europe. If you think about it, there are plenty of customers you can target and interact with! The world population is currently 7.7 Billions of people. So if approx. 2 Billions of people buy products on the Internet, you have access to many people who may be interested in your products.

Is this number expected to decrease in the near future? Not even close. In fact, the number of digital buyers is skyrocketing. Currently, about a quarter of the world buys online, but 2.14 Billions of people are shopping online in just one year. Smartphones get stronger every year and make shopping on a small screen easy. Even if your customer doesn't have access to a PC or laptop and your site is well designed for mobile platforms, it can still capture a large part of this population growth.

What is the easiest way to set up an eCommerce store? Not many business owners will also be tech savvy and will be able to create a great digital store in just one weekend. To do this, you must be familiar with the latest versions of HTML and CSS. You will also need to create a back-end for the site that can receive customer data and store it in a database so that you can ship your products and track logistics for delivery.

WooCommerce can help you with your supply chain today! What exactly is WooCommerce and how can you increase your sales? Let's give you a brief overview of the platform and then look at a list of the best hosts for your next online store.

Set up Woocommerce site

What is WooCommerce for WordPress?

According to the leading site, WooCommerce is currently a leader in shaping your e-commerce experience. There are many competitors, including Shopify and Magento, but WooCommerce is currently number one. As open source software, you can customize the platform to do whatever you want. Perhaps you have a very exclusive online store or you have a problem in your business that needs a personalized solution. With an open source program, you can customize everything around your specialty store. You're really only limited by your imagination and programming skills when it comes to using WooCommerce.

WordPress is a free platform and WooCommerce is based on WordPress. If you want to use the free version of WooCommerce, you can do it! Entrepreneurs have been using the free version for years to build amazing businesses, and then they can pay for additional upgrades as their business grows from shared servers to dedicated servers that require load balancing.

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