Black Shark 10000mAh: Xiaomi's super powerbank has arrived!

by Kelvin
Black Shark 10000mAh: Xiaomi's super powerbank has arrived!

Xiaomi's Black Shark brand is known for its smartphones premium for players. The smartphones They have a powerful configuration, including a durable battery with fast charging and innovative cooling system. This ensures that users get maximum play time without running out of battery power. However, even with the best battery conditions, we sometimes run out of it. Now Black Shark wants to give one more help and has launched a new powerbank that has a battery capacity of 10000mAh. Here is the super Black Shark 10000mAh!

Black Shark 10000mAh: Xiaomi's super powerbank has arrived!

The Black Shark 10000mAh powerbank comes with a spectacular design. However the design looks robust and seems to be inspired by the smartphones for Black Shark games. The body is made of rubber and metal. The metal part has a silver plating. The powerbank also has a green LED strip in the center, showing the battery level. Meanwhile at the bottom is another LED light that illuminates when the powerbank is being charged.


Internally, the powerbank has as its main feature the 18W fast charge support and is bidirectional. In other words, it consumes 18W of maximum power to charge devices. When it is out of power it can be charged very quickly. The powerbank has two USB-A ports and one USB-C port used to charge the battery. The Type-C USB port can also be used to charge another device by reverse charging. The company claims it can charge the Black Shark 2 Pro smartphone by up to 47% in just 30 minutes. Also noteworthy are the integrated safety features to prevent overheating, short circuiting or overloading. There is also a button to slow down loading if it is being used to charge devices such as the Black Shark Gamepad or smart band.

Black Shark 10000mAh: Xiaomi's super powerbank has arrived! 2

As for pricing, the Black Shark 10000mAh powerbank is now on sale for around 16 Euros through the official Black Shark website and

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