Black Shark: new 10,000 mAh powerbank

by Kelvin

Black Shark PowerbankBlack Shark Powerbank supports fast charging at 18W

Like many other brand accessories, Black Shark has decided to propose a design inspired by their smartphones. From the aesthetic point of view, therefore, it shows the same type of coloring highlighted by Black Shark 2 Pro, as well as the same style. This is obviously a product designed not only for the gamer, but also for those who use the device thoroughly differently. However, it is not a product that goes unnoticed. Beyond the building, quite massive and very sporty, on the upper part it has one LED strip particular. This reproduces a "breath" effect and basically indicates the residual charge of the powerbank.


On board this science-fiction structure there is space for a battery from 10,000 mAh, equipped with two doors USB A and a single door USB Type-C. This configuration will therefore allow to recharge simultaneously up to 3 devices, allowing you to deliver more power than other powerbanks of the same capacity. As proof of what has just been said, alone 30 minutes of charging with a standard power supply, Black Shark 2 Pro should reach around 23%. With the Black Shark Powerbank, instead, it can recharge up to 47%. We must say, however, that the output offered by this unit is equal to 18W overall, including 9V / 2A and 12V / 1.5A modes.

Black Shark Powerbank

As previously mentioned, Black Shark always tries to create a product that is functional to all its accessories list. In the images proposed for the launch of this device, therefore, showed its own gamepad when charging with the powerbank, a sign that these two objects are absolutely compatible.

Obviously, the powerbank also has various additional security systems, such as protection against overheating, over-voltage, electrostatics and much more. Currently, therefore, we know that Black Shark Powerbank will be sold in China in the coming days at a price of 119 yuan, approximately 15 euros at current exchange rate.

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