Blair Witch premieres its launch trailer

by Kelvin
La guía del gamer.

Bloober Team and Lionsgate presented the final trailer of their anticipated psychological horror game Blair Witch for their premiere today.

The exclusive game for Xbox One and PC systems showed all its horror and peculiar history in this video, which seeks to capture again the power of the terrifying Blair Witch, after several years of its initial impact.


The story of Ellis, the former police officer embarking on the search for Peter Shannon, a young boy lost in the woods of Burkitsville, Maryland. This is the territory where the mysterious Blair Witch has been for hundreds of years.

As has happened on many occasions, paranormal events occur in this forest, which would affect the health of any person and, in the case of Ellis, open old wounds from the murky past of this police officer.

Today this chilling game is released for users of these two systems, at a fairly acceptable cost of $ 29.99 and, if Xbox Game Pass is available, you can play Blair Witch completely free for a whole month, without Need to unlock future payments.

This tool is ideal for game completers, since they can complete titles quickly without buying them, so they can add Blair Witch to the list of achievements.

The criticism has been very positive towards this title, comparing it with the same sense of terror and desolation as the original film, Blair Witch Project was able to generate at the time.

Those are very difficult shoes to fill in the entertainment industry. Although at the time it was highly criticized within the world of cinema, Blair Witch Project was an important point of reference for the world of horror in cinema and, later, in video games.

Blair Witch is a game that should not be missed if you are fans of horror games, to the point that we may be able to watch videos that evoke the already classic video recessions of Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

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