Blair Witch will improve its performance with a patch very soon

by Kelvin

Although the lights in recent hours have been put on Gears 5, another video game that has not gone unnoticed by Xbox One players has been Blair witch, the free adaptation of the horror movie and that has come from the hand of Bloober Team, also responsible for the Layers of Fear saga. The title has had a great reception (you can read our extensive analysis), although it has also had some errors that from the Polish study are already trying to correct it. In fact, Bloober has already released a patch on Steam that will also soon be available on Xbox One and Windows 10.

In fact, the European company has called this update Performance patch, which makes it clear what their priorities are. In that sense, some of the objectives of this first correction are stabilize the frame rate per second or facilitate the possibility that less powerful computers can also enjoy Blair Witch. Although the patch notes have not explicitly referenced this, it is assumed that Bloober Team has also been working on solving bugs such as the disappearance of the Bullet dog in some sections of the game, something that has affected several players.


The Snake, this is the easter egg that hides Blair Witch's mobile

As we said at the beginning, Blair Witch has had an interesting reception, with positive notes both users and critics. Far from being just a horror game, Bloober's work has fun easter eggs, like the one in the mobile snake game. Remember that Blair Witch is now available on Xbox One and that, in fact, you can play it completely for free if you are a subscriber of Xbox Game Pass, the subscription service that gives you access to more than two hundred video games of all types and genres for you to play when and how you want.