Blogging on social media: could this be the best social blogging site?

by Kelvin

The medium is one Blog social media platform originally started by Twitter Co-founder Evan Williams The idea was to be a platform for Twitter that users have a place where they can express themselves with more than 140 characters. Everyone can contribute agents even if you just create an account with your account Twitter. Facebook or Google's social profile, or you can register with an email.

Meanwhile, Medium is not just a platform for writing content, but also an editor promoting the best stories from across the web.


Medium connects people, stories and ideas that are important to you

This statement highlights Medium's social component, which allows you to track what interests you and share your content with people interested in your issues. The value of the platform becomes clear as you start creating content and connecting and interacting with users whose content interests you. You will have a window where you can express yourself and the potential audience interested in your thoughts and opinions. Just connect the dots.

The Infobunny rule that focuses your efforts on social blogging pages to create shorter articles and content that supports your own blog page remains in effect with Medium


Medium has a very elegant magazine style. You can recommend the content of others by following them. Have a better visual blog editor than both quora Y Steemit Especially with images where you can resize them to make your subjects look professional. There is also the option of subtitles.

SEO medium blog

The medium size SEO blog page is very good. The titles are H1 labels and subtitles are H3 by default. Any links you add to a medium post will no longer follow. This corresponds to the Quora configuration. Steemit has an advantage here because his links do not follow. Just like Steemit and Quora don't allow permalink editing, but just like Steemit and Quora, you can save your title as keyword or keyword phrase to block permalink and then just edit the title you want.

Who wins the battle for social blogging, Steemit, Quora, or the social media platform?

It all depends on the user and what they want to achieve. They're all good when it comes to adding on-page SEO to your articles. Both Medium and Quora have a sleek design, and then Quora adds this Q&A element. And again, Steemit offers income for popular positions.

Which platform do I think is the best?

I use all 3 as social blogging support for Infobunny. All the social networks that rate the pages in SERPS are incredibly valuable. You upload when you can use SEO elements to level up.

Better than WordPress?

No, because although they are excellent blogs on social networks, they belong to someone else and not to you. You really can't beat having 100% control when it comes to blogging.

Do you use the social media blogging platform or any of the others? Do you have a favorite? tell me in the comments below.

Greetings roona