Borat 2: teaser jokes with Donald Trump’s campaign faux pas

by Kelvin
Borat 2: teaser jokes with Donald Trump's campaign faux pas

After having the rights acquired by Amazon Prime Video, Borat 2 began the promotion work in the best style: taking advantage of a possible campaign gaffe of Donald Trump’s re-election. After an alleged e-mail leaked claiming that the current US president had won the debate even before it started, the film’s production team released a video “congratulating” Trump.

With several images of the Republican candidate and narration by Sacha Baron Cohen, protagonist of the film, the video ironizes Trump with his views on women and blacks, his history with Jeffrey Epstein, lack of military experience, his government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic and his relationship with Vice President Mike Pence. Check out the video published in the Twitter.

“Congratulations to great friend of the Kazakh people Donald Trump for winning the debate today! Impressive and surprising result for a strong leader who always put America and Kazakhstan first!”


Borat: Pornographic Monkey Gift to Vice Premiere Mikhael Pence to Benefit the Newly Diminished Nation of Kazakhstan has Cohen returning to the lead role. The film is also expected to feature Pence and the former mayor of New York, Republican Rudolph Giuliani.

Borat 2 arrives at the catalog of Amazon Prime Video on October 23rd.

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