Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700 comments: Bose has a new pillar


With many rivals chasing him, the inventor of the noisy Bose earbuds pushed the envelope for innovation again. Get to know the new Bose Noise Canceling 700 wireless headphones, which improve style, technique and ergonomics.

More significantly, 700 jumped out of the crowd bidirectional noise cancellation: signal processing that inhibits sonic disturbance in both audiences Y talking side. That's a combination that has never before been tested in a consumer headset, the manufacturer said, and which aims to reduce miscommunication, whether you're on the phone with real people or with your favorite digital assistants: Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant. Yes, these innovative headphones are compatible with all three.


This $ 399 can looks a little different from the usual wireless headphones, including Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II ($ 349 in Amazon) Note A slimmer, cleaner arc than a smooth 700 headband (tapered from sturdy stainless steel), which connects smoothly (with no visible connections or screws) to the slide-in earphones with the angled back.

The Bose Quiet Comfort 35 case is on the left; The Bose Noise Canceling 700 Headphone Case is on the right.

Between the ergonomic shape and tight grip of the headband and the memory foam surrounding the headphones, these things do the best job of passive noise reduction, helping even with active noise suppression circuits turned off. And yes, these headphones can be enjoyed for listening to music without power, with a cable (available) connecting it to its source.

Bose also cleanses the appearance of the earlobe with a thermal touchpad (like that of archrival Sony WH-1000XM3) that recognizes finger bumps and beats to increase and decrease volume, move back and forth through the tail of songs and answer or end calls. The remaining three hard buttons handle Bluetooth 5.0 power or activation, call your digital assistant, and set a variable noise cancellation rate.

Beamforming technology selectively "listens" to your voice and rejects other sounds around it.

But that is what inside Redesigned from scratch, these wireless headphones are the most interesting. 700, as you might guess, does an extraordinary job of rejecting external noise, so the user can listen to music that plays well at a lower volume with less fatigue for longer. That's a promise bolstered by Bose's neutral voice performance (some would say relaxed), not booming or overly bright, and with an ergonomic design that's so comfortable you can forget you wear it. As I got these things out of my head, stopping at my personal calm zone, I was amazed wow The ambient sound came from the air filter in the room, the computer fan, the air conditioner, and outside traffic.

Cast very big storyAs my local TV news always says? This is how beginners work to eliminate complaints from people on the other end of the phone call, when you use 700 as a headset with your smartphone in a very difficult location. Let's say, a busy street or a busy cafeteria, in a shared workspace or at home when you have a vacuum cleaner or preparing dinner. Complaints are usually a variation of "You know I can't hear you when the water runs."

People at least tell you when they can't understand you. If Siri, Alexa, or Google are listening, your digital assistant will most likely come to the wrong conclusion, such as responding with "I don't understand." This is how this digital assistant dials the wrong phone number, plays the wrong set, or transmits a message (voice to text) that is determined by guessing words that make you look rude or stupid.

bose app 2

A touch-sensitive surface allows you to control various headphone functions.

Our brain is good enough at relieving sonic disorders. Conventional microphones in a smartphone or headset hardly discriminate, or forgive. Collect strong distractions almost as easily as your voice. This is how a virtual personal assistant does everything.

Digital Assistant "starts with the translator speaking into text on their mobile phone or tablet. So if the speech is chaotic, the message will also come out," Bose Vice President of Production and Communication Ken Jacob said at the final briefing. "(Digital assistants) won't do a good job of giving you good answers. That's why users should be clearly heard during a conversation because they need to listen to music and conversation."

Work for change

To separate the wheat from the chaff, 700 uses an eight-microphone system and lots of digital processing. Six of the eight microphones collaborate to cancel external noise, that's basically what Bose has been doing for years, albeit with continuous and gradual improvements that have significantly expanded the headphones' noise detection range. (The first model is largely tuned to cancel the roar of aircraft and train engines.) Two of the same microphones also work in association with the remaining two microphones, which are dedicated to listening to your voice, so that your rattle sounds as clear as the sound to the person on the other end of the line. others (or bots you have called to make your offer).

This process works with acoustic insulation and rejection technology. Two pickup microphones in each headphone focus and isolate your speech, suppressing everything that sounds. The second set tracks and blocks the most annoying noises around you, rejecting the sounds of coffee grinders, for example, or the noisy people sitting near you in a restaurant. This defense system adopts and rejects noise even if it moves, you move, or both move at the same time. When you walk down the road, for example, and the bus passes in the other direction.

bose case comparison 2

Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II in its case on the left; Bose Noise Canceling 700 new headphones are on your right.


When I got a phone call while using 700, people on the other end were shocked to learn that I was sitting at Starbucks or walking in the market. They hear very little about location when I speak (out loud, I admit it). But during gaps in the conversation, if I'm silent and the other person on the phone does the same thing, that person will listen a few Background noise from my surroundings For this reason, I blame the automatic control of the Bose headphones, which increases the sensitivity and amplification of the microphone when it detects only whispers of sound. So it's probably not a good thing these cans help you hide the way you party when you hang out at a loud club or concert. Here's a good rule of thumb: If you can't hear it, these headphones can't cover your tracks.

They're also not immune to sonic pain and suffering, as I discovered when I was driving 700 on a Megabus trip from Philadelphia to New York. I sat behind the coach, and every time the bus hit a bad road and things in the trunk and landing gear shook, the headphones stuttered so badly that I thought the driver of the headphones exploded.

bose app 7

You need to choose which digital assistant you want to use with the Bose 700 Noise Canceling Headphones, it can't come and go.

Bose engineers can hone this trend with software updates, and they could.

There are plans for a firmware update that will include a Google Assistant Improved "wake up". For now, only Alexa can be called hands-free; Siri and Google Assistant Users must press the button on the right earpiece to call their assistant (the button is optional for Alexa users, but eliminates the need to say the activation word with all three).

Like the Sonos smart speaker, only one digital assistant can be active on the Bose 700 at a time, so choose your good friends wisely. In addition, a music service must be selected as standard. You can use another one, but you need to say a few additional words or Touchez on your smartphone to access and connect to the headphones via Bluetooth.

700s do allows you to connect to two wireless sources simultaneously. As I type, I listen to streaming music from the iPad. If a call comes in on my smartphone, the headphones will announce the caller, mute the music and let me answer. After hanging up, the music will continue. Making this feature work is very tiring, requires a few restarts and apps, but now it works fine.

Touch control

I have mixed feelings about touch control heating pads, and Bose's are no exception. Swiping the panel up and down to increase / decrease the volume is an unnecessary action, and works precisely every time. But there is an art, in terms of time, to tapping the touchpad twice correctly to answer or end a call. I need a little effort to master it, and I haven't learned how to "reject incoming calls", which should be done by playing and holding the keyboard for 1 second

I also ran into an issue with the Touchez shortcut feature which is useful for turning activation words on and off or to report how long the battery is charging. I've repeatedly programmed it for battery tracking, but the single trigger continues to get back to the task of waking up words.

Swipe right and left on the Bose 700 touch control panel, pushing music to the next track or back to the beginning of the track you're listening to, and maybe, after sliding the second left, to the previous track. When I got a taste of this review advanced songs rarely worked Amazon Music options are channeled through my iPhone X, and a Bose representative tells me that the feature is not supported. But after a few days and a few reboots of the cell phone and the Bose Music app, the track slide works fine. Missing figure.

Bose reportedly modified the hotplate to work in cold weather (sometimes problems with the Sony WH-1000XM3), but we have to wait until winter to test it.

To be sure, the hard button on the left earbud works every time to adjust the noise cancellation level, or, if you press and hold it longer, to turn cancellation completely off, to take the situation into account.

bose 700 2a

The elegant stainless steel headband offers a lot of flexibility and does not interfere, with all connections and screws not visible.

Sonic sweetness

In the early days of noise cancellation, there were many complaints, some justified, that the circuit had negative side effects, interrupting our listening pleasure by attenuating the clarity and depth of the music and introducing the whistle.

But even with the double dose of noise canceling circuitry that is imposed on the new Bose 700, I have enjoyed music on these things with a high level of satisfaction and without a dangerous sensation of filtering. You really listen to the latest jazz music from Chick Corea with a Mediterranean scent. Antidote; Generation E Edaneran jump session with hip hop and pop figures (Cooperation Project No. 6); and with a new 2019 recording player of the Broadway musical Oklahoma!, which brought Rodgers and Hammerstein's scores together with an acoustic band arrangement to highlight the heart of the barn dance. And that is not to be confused with the brilliant soul of the Keb 'Mo people Oklahoma, also new and good enough.

Specifically for Bose, the 700 rounds from the top and bottom ends of the sound spectrum are only slight, so the look never looks shiny hypermetal or all over the bass. In a short-term A / B hearing comparison with competitive headphone models, you might think it's a deficit. (Yes, Sony has more face, man). But for all-day durability and comfort, which is the essence of it all, moderation is the key to survival. And for those who insist on cranking, 700-degree volume-related active EQ will sharpen high-class bass and whistling at a higher hearing level more effectively than on the QC35 II.

So far, I've listened to 700 for seven hours straight without feeling tired. And this artist can last as long as 20 hours between charging the batteries, preparing them for international residency. That number applies even with Alexa's remaining voice detection feature. Full charge with supplied USB-C cable takes 2.5 hour fast charge 15 minute supply 3.5 hour play time. Sorry, it is impossible to load and listen at the same time.

The contribution to comfort is also made by the surprising flexibility of the metal band earphones and the longer edge of the cushion, the four-way wobble in the hearing aid and the reasonable weight of 8.96 ounces.

Augmented reality

Bose AR (augmented reality) is another good technological advance that is happening here. The idea is to present a useful and entertaining audio application that responds to your movements and physical place in the world, with movement sensors in the headphones that work with the GPS chip in your smartphone. You will find the same technology in the Bose QC35 II headphones and Bose Frames (sunglasses with integrated Bluetooth speakers).

Free Autocast In the app, I took a walking tour of Lower Manhattan, based on the "Art and Safety" theme, which suggested that large statues in public spaces could make visitors feel safer. With the Bose Radar AR app, I have enjoyed various delicious and interactive tones (ambient, neoclassical, and hip hop) that change focus when you physically rotate (sounds and instruments are placed in different quadrants and can be combined with a mix that can adjusted between points)

Other Bose AR apps to try include Pears, personal trainer and Head Games by Earplay, an interactive science fiction thriller that is controlled with a shake of the head, shaking the head, ducking, turning and ringing.

There are more things coming up with this updated headphone software. By the end of the year, 700 will be added to the white noise soundtrack like the one found at Bose Sleepbuds, although the headphone selection will include a natural environment "that helps users focus and sleep," I said.

Also suddenly, the update will finally add user-adjustable EQ settings (accessible through the Bose Music app). Perhaps it will mute (albeit not with noise reduction) that scratches that Bose headphones don't shake hard or burn bright enough.

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