BQ, what is happening and what is still happening with the Spanish mobile brand?

by Kelvin
BQ, what is happening and what is still happening with the Spanish mobile brand?

The Spanish cellular company that we all know as BQ, starts from the bottom Mundo Reader S.L.what i thought first electronic reader in 2009 under a brand called Booq. After In 2010, the name became BQ, coincided with the promotion smartphones and technology

In 2017, the BQ brand experienced the most successful moment, upload 1.1 million cell phones and became the third producer with the most units sold in Spain (market share of 10.3% according to IO Innovation).


BQ grows thanks to the support of your country

It is not by chance that the brand has managed to obtain the results mentioned in Spain, The company transmits with its advertisements, ads and strategic understanding what users wantWhich is neither more nor less than having a Spanish cell phone.

The use of the technology produced in their countries makes them feel more protected, avoiding leaving personal data and other files in the hands of the Asian continent or the United States.

This smartphone was first introduced by BQ, a model that makes history by name. Aquaris 4.5. A smartphone that is reaping great success for what later became a company and allows them to continue investing in improvements.

BQ, what is happening and what is still happening with the Spanish mobile brand? 2

Decrease in BQ, a Spanish mobile brand

Companies continue to grow, investing and manufacturing new devices, until they are given a time when Spain is too small for BQ, a brand with a lot of ambition, but the European markets do not judge.

In 2015, the company hit its sales ceiling and then the bad results begin that finally destroy.

That year ended with a much smaller market share than what I started, finishing fourth, after a Huawei is unstoppable who defeated the competitors and LG who did not give up. All this even without Xiaomi, the company that would finally completely change the technology market and perhaps the company that had occupied the legacy that BQ left among the Spanish public.

The last bullet for the Spanish cellular company.

Given the situation in which BQ occurs, marketing focused investment and the commercial department, trying to ensure that all the technology they can develop is not forgotten.

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Competition begins to do a lot of damage (Xiaomi, Huawei) and the possibility of low competitive prices, which ultimately leads to in 2017 the company to a limited situation where they have no way out.

In 2018 we said goodbye to BQ, to meet Vsmart

Given the strong competition from the Asian continent, bid for Vingroup, the oldest holding on Vietnamese business, was seen with good eyes. This allows a brand with a new name, Vsmart, to continue their activities backed by Vingroup's resources, ways to cut costs and ensure that everything they have accomplished does not end in the worst way. Despite all this, it will require that it cease to be the leading brand of Spanish mobile telephony in Europe.

Current position for BQ

As extraordinary as it seems, the idea of ​​keeping the BQ firm aliveAt the beginning of Vsmart and the entire Vingroup purchasing process, there was talk of maintaining the brand, even that the new product would come under signature.

This is a very difficult thing to imagine and that thought makes hardly anyone think of buying a BQ device, but the reality is that his Web page It is still open, with a store available.

Yes Products available in stores have not been updated. Until today

BQ e-book Spanish mobile brand

his social networks continue to have activities more or less constantly with product promotion and competition, something that could be a sign that BQ will not be forgotten and who knows if it will eventually become a representation of robotics, the sector in which it continues to have a large presence, especially in the educational sector.

Vsmart also started acting with BQ in Spain

The only publication we found on PT BQ under Vsmart's signature is on YouTube, where the latest video presentation of the device of the company Vsmart is published.

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Video tagging for different interviewees continues to show BQ as your position, another sign to show us that they have not really left yet, despite the fact that the brand is no longer the Spanish brand of mobile phones that we remember.

We leave you a link to Hypertext, which develops articles that focus differently from us.

The world of technology has shown us that it is developing rapidly and that we can never take it for granted. We will see in a few years what is the position of Vsmart and BQ, in turn also We hope Club Tech can continue to offer information in the closest possible way.

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