Brave Browser, a fast browser, with dark mode and adblock

by Kelvin
Brave Browser, a fast browser, with dark mode and adblock

Habits have changed in recent years and today we use more mobile phones to surf the Internet than the computer. Therefore, choosing a good smartphone browser is important; maybe one that lately is making a dent is Brave Browser, app that we can download for virtually any platform, but it is on Android where it brings a quite attractive differential touch.

It is an ideal browser for those computers that are not left over from performance since it loads the pages really fast, but also incorporates other features that we miss in its great competition (such as Google Chrome, for example).


Brave Browser for Android has smart night mode; invert colors but not images

In the absence of extensions reaching the mobile terrain more globally, some browsers are already being enhanced with features that many enjoy through addons in desktop versions.

For example, Brave Browser has a dark mode that reverses the colors of web pages. Thus, white backgrounds become black, reducing visual fatigue especially when we navigate at night (and if you add a Twlight app, better than better). Besides the investment is smart, keeping the images with their usual color, although in our experience it has invested one or another.

Moreover, it also does a good job. blocking advertising of web pages, especially the most intrusive. In fact you can customize the level of protection, disabling scripts, third-party cookies and applying an HTTPS Everywhere for greater security. And these actions can be activated or deactivated quickly in case any website does not load quite well.

Additionally, the browser has an optional program called Brave Rewards that pays you in BAT (cryptocurrency) for displaying non-intrusive advertising.

Intrusive advertising block, greater security and speed than average

Another detail to consider is your background video playback. This allows you to continue listening to the audio of a video even if we leave the application; Very useful for listening to music, for example.

Best of all, all these features do not penalize browser performance; it's fast, more than Chrome we could affirm according to our tests, and it certainly gets along better with smartphones or tablets that are already a few years old.

And of course, it also has most common functions how to choose the search engine (DuckDuckGo, Google, Bing, etc …), add credit / debit cards, addresses, customize the home screen, change the toolbar down / up, accessibility details, privacy …

You can download Brave Browser at Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

Brave Browser It is available for the main operating systems, as we said before, but it is on Android where it truly shines. For example, iOS does not have background video playback, one of its star characteristics.

Brave Browser, a fast browser, with dark mode and adblock 3 Brave Browser, a fast browser, with dark mode and adblock 4

Of course, as you would expect, Brave Browser can be synchronized with their respective versions of the other platforms, unifying bookmarks, logins, open tabs, history and so on.

The truth is that at this point it is possible that many already have their favorite browser, with their saved passwords and bookmarks, which makes it somewhat difficult or uncomfortable to start over in another alternative. But if you have the idea to change, without a doubt this is highly recommended.