Brazil sets record with 2,700 deaths by covid-19 in 24 hours

by Kelvin
Brazil sets record with 2,700 deaths by covid-19 in 24 hours

This Tuesday (16), Brazil registered another record of deaths by covid-19 in 24 hours. There were 2,798 deaths caused by the disease across the country, according to data collected by the press consortium based on information released by the state health departments.

Living its deadliest day since the beginning of the pandemic, the country reached the mark of 282,400 people killed by the new coronavirus, only behind the United States, which has more than 536,000 deaths so far, according to the covid-19 map from Johns Hopkins University.

With the numbers updated on the date the country completes 15 days in a row with more than 1,000 deaths from the disease daily, Brazil reached a moving average of 1,976 deaths related to Sars-CoV-2 in the last 7 days, a mark that is also the largest ever recorded.


The state of São Paulo had the most deaths in the last 24 hours, according to the consortium, with 679 deaths. Next, appear Rio Grande do Sul (501), Paraná (307), Santa Catarina (167), Goiás (163), Bahia (118), Rio de Janeiro (115) and Ceará (111).

new cases

Regarding the number of confirmed cases, 84,124 were newly infected on the last day, one of the biggest marks of the entire pandemic. Thus, the total number of people who tested positive in Brazil reached 11,609,601 — the US also leads this ranking, with more than 29 million.

The moving average of new cases over the past seven days stands at 69,226 diagnoses, a 22% change from the figures for the past two weeks, also indicating an upward trend.

Meanwhile, the number of people vaccinated against covid-19 who received at least one dose reached 10.3 million people (4.91% of the national population), with 307,000 applications per day.