Brazil surpasses the mark of 2,000 daily deaths by Covid for the 1st time

by Kelvin
Brazil surpasses the mark of 2,000 daily deaths by Covid for the 1st time

In a country that is starting to get used to the unacceptable sequence of funeral records, Brazil broke yesterday (10), for the first time, the mark of 2,000 deaths caused by Covid-19: 2,349 were killed in the last 24 hours, raising the daily average for 1,645 deaths.

Today (11), it completes one year since the classification of the current health crisis as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), a hateful anniversary to which 270,917 Brazilians will not be able to attend because they are buried in some common grave.

According to a survey conducted by the consortium of press vehicles that covers the situation of Covid-19 in the country, until 20:00 yesterday, 80,955 new diagnoses of the disease were reported, totaling 11,205,972 infected in Brazil. The daily moving average of diagnosed cases went to 69,107, 32% higher than in the previous 14 days.


Current vaccination will have no effect on infection rate

talking to the newspaper The globe, microbiologist Gulnar Azevedo, president of the Brazilian Association of Collective Health (Abrasco), attributes the macabre numbers of the pandemic to the “failure” of the federal government’s role in the crisis. For her, “Brazil was not supposed to be in this situation. This number of deaths is unacceptable”, noting that this explosion of cases had been reported to the Ministry of Health for a long time.

The president of the Instituto Questão de Ciência, Natália Pasternak, warned that the current vaccination campaign should not have an effect on the Covid-19 infection rate in the short term in Brazil, according to The globe. The microbiologist explained that immunization is taking place in an “incipient” way, and that there is a need to “pressure the government to buy more vaccines”.

According to the initiative of the media, created from inconsistencies in the Ministry of Health’s data, Brazil has so far only vaccinated 4.26% of the population with the first dose (9,013,639 people) and only 1.5% of the total of Brazilians took the second dose (3,166,189).