Bug on iOS lets you jailbreak iPhone

by Kelvin

It is now possible to perform jailbreak to your iPhone, at least if you're using the latest version of iOS. According to the latest information to be Apple it has, by mistake, reversed a patch that has prevented this process for years.

O iOS 12.4, the latest version of the operating system from Apple, includes a vulnerability first encountered by a Google engineer that allows users to jailbreak iPhone. In addition, the bug also endangers the security of iPhone users.


THE Apple had fixed this issue with iOS 12.3, but for some reason reversed this patch thus allowing this vulnerability to be exploited again. So until the Apple launch an update to iOS 12.4, all newer iPhones can be unlocked and even worse hacked. Ned Williamson, who works at Google Project Zero, told Motherboard that anyone could create “perfect” spyware that uses the bug to escape the iOS sandbox and steal user data.

Pwn20wnd, who developed and released jailbreak for free, said, "It's very likely someone is already exploiting this bug with malicious intent." Jailbreak for your iPhone is available for download, but be careful about the applications you have installed, as this bug allows any third party application to steal your personal data.

In order to safeguard yourself we recommend that you take a look at the applications you have installed and excuse yourself from installing new applications from dubious sources in order to keep your device and personal data safe, at least until Apple Release a new update that addresses this vulnerability.

This is important because a few years ago there was no jailbreak available for iPhone, according to the Vice.

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