Bugs Windows 10, This Path Makes Device Crashes and BSOD

by Kelvin
Bugs Windows 10, This Path Makes Device Crashes and BSOD

NESABAMEDIA.COM – A new bug found in Windows 10, which can cause the operating system to crash with a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). The cause is not complicated, but only when the user accesses a certain path through the Address Bar in the browser or using the command line Windows in the Command Prompt.

Last week, BleepingComputer studied two bugs that have been revealed by security researchers Windows, which hackers can use to carry out a number of attacks. The first bug is a bug that allows a user, without any privileges, to type a command line which causes the NTFS hard drive to crash.

Although the Chkdsk program can solve this problem, the command line can in some cases prevent the system from performing Chkdsk.


Now the second bug has been studied and found a new fact that there is a path (path) which if accessed will make the system Windows 10 crashes and a BSOD.

Paths That Can Make BSOD

Since last October, security researchers Windows known as Jonas Lykkegaard has uploaded several tweets on his Twitter account, regarding a path that can directly create a system Windows 10 crashes and BSOD, when typed into the Address Bar of the Chrome browser.

When the developer wants to interact directly with the device Windows, they can pass Win32 device namespace paths as arguments to a number of programming functions Windows. This will allow applications to interact directly with the hard drive, without going through the file system.

Lykkegaard informs that he has found the namespace path on the Win32 device for the ‘Console Multiplexer Driver’ which he believes is used for ‘kernel/usermode ipc.’ When opening the path in any way, including by users without special rights, it can cause Windows 10 crashes.


When connecting with a device, developers are expected to add additional attributes with the ‘attach’ command, to be able to connect with the device properly.

Attach Argument Kernel Connect

Attach Argument Kernel Connect

Lykkegaard found that when trying to connect to a path without passing the additional attributes above and due to improper error checking, it would cause an exception by the system, and then crash.

Worse still, even low-access users can connect devices with that line, making it much easier for any program to execute and cause the device to crash.

From the tests that have been carried out, it has been confirmed that this bug exists in Windows 10 version 1709 and up. This has also been notified to Microsoft, and so far there has been no further confirmation, other than that they will begin to investigate the report that has been sent.