Build a Bento lunch in the adorable inbento puzzle game


A mother cat has just returned from the grocery store and needs to prepare a bento lunch for her sleeping children. That's where you come in! inbento is a super cute puzzle game in which you prepare lunch with food blocks.

Developed by Afterburn, the same creative mind that Puncak Golf brought us, Inbento presents the same simple and cute feel as Puncak Golf. A simple and charming puzzle game seems to be the specialty of this study.


Referring to the helpful cookbook for feline parents, players must remake the lunch box in the picture by dropping a block of food into the bento. It starts out pretty simple with individual cubes, but gradually becomes difficult. [/ embed]

In the end, you will be given pieces that take up many blocks, and you will have to arrange the food so that you can replace certain blocks with the correct food.

It is a little complicated but never stressful. inbento is a puzzle game that is calming and does not set a time limit or a moving limit for the player. Just you and Bento, so focus and do your best.

inbento is now available on the Internet App store Y Google Play Store for the 2, 99 USD.

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