Bungie makes it clear: Destiny 2 is an Action MMO

by Kelvin
Bungie makes it clear: Destiny 2 is an Action MMO

There is no doubt that Destiny 2 It has been evolving in recent times, seeing significant changes such as The Forsaken the jump on PC to the Steam platform, the exit on September 17 as free content, or the departure on October 1 of the Shadowkeep expansion.

Now, from Bungie they wanted to make a brief review through a statement about the ideas they have for Destiny 2 and especially the path they want to take for the game from now on, for which they intend to create a world in which players can see the changes that occur as they advance in their adventure.


Destiny 2 as an "amazing Action MMO"

In addition, while it is true that under the Activision brand the term was not very well seen, since Bungie they have finally wanted to label Destiny 2 as a Action MMO, for which, as we said, they are creating a world that evolves around the player:

Thus, the vision of Destiny 2 is an incredible action MMO in an evolving world, in which you and your friends can play anywhere.

Also, in the statement they indicate that with Shadowkeep they will begin a story in which the narrative will be important and he will give the player the answers he needs to know why he is carrying out these missions and why he has been sent to the different places where they are developed, also connecting some seasons with others in a logical and continuous way.

We are focusing much more on how the seasons really connect with each other. We want to make sure we are creating a narrative that players can follow. Starting in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, let's start telling a continuous story, which you want to make sense, you want to understand.

It seems that since Bungie they are preparing Destiny 2 to be something big, where players sit part of a world and a community, and it will all begin with the next expansion, Shadowkeep. As always, from Xbox Generation we will inform you of all the news that appear on Destiny 2.