Calcbot, from the creators of Tweetbot, is updated for iPhone and iPad

by Kelvin

Calcbot, the smart calculator for iPhone and iPad, now FREE on the App Store

The new version of the Tweetbot developers calculator application, we talk about Calcbot for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This new version includes several design improvements and is now available for free. Know all the news of this application and download it below.

Calcbot, from the creators of Tweetbot, is updated for iPhone and iPad 3

What is Calcbot – The Intelligent Calculator for iPhone and iPad?

Calcbot is a smart unit calculator and converter application designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This application has an easy way to read, access to history, intuitive conversion and much more.


Among its main features you can find:

  • Record: Each calculation entered is saved in the history. Check the calculations you have made or send them back to your current calculation.
  • View expression: The expression view, originally from Calcbot, allows you to see everything you've written so you don't forget what you've entered.
  • Conversion: You can convert any of your calculations with more than 500 units into 22 different categories, including automatic update exchange rates.
  • Favorites: You can bookmark a calculation and get instant access to its result through Favorites.
  • Scientific functions: Turn the device in landscape mode to access the most common scientific functions.
  • Constants: Get instant access to scientific constants like Pi, Atomic mass, or add your own constant.
  • Round: Have all the results rounded to two decimal places.
  • iCloud Sync: Synchronize your history, your constants and favorites across all your Mac, iPhone and iPad.
  • Sounds and animations: Enjoy beautiful custom animations and sound effects, making you have a more positive and enjoyable user experience while doing your calculations.

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What's new in version 2.0 of Calcbot

This new version comes with some news related to new themes, the converter and much more, among the most prominent feature of this latest version of Calcbot we can find:

  • Completely renovated for iOS 8 users.
  • New bookmark system to replace encrypted memory passwords.
  • Now the history is also visible in portrait mode next to the calculator.
  • The converter has more than 500 units in 22 categories. (In-App Purchase)
  • Immediate access to scientific constants such as Pi, atomic mass or the one you wish to add as an option.
  • Synchronize your history and constants across all your iOS devices and now also with Calcbot for Mac.
  • You can enjoy a total of 9 optional themes. (In-App Purchase)

Download Calcbot for iPhone and iPad

If you don't have this yet Calculator application for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, you can install it through the direct download link, from the App Store, which you will find below.

Calcbot – The Intelligent Calculator is in the App Store, requires iOS 8.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It is available in the following languages: In, English.

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