Can Windows 11 work fine with 4GB of RAM?

by Kelvin
Может ли Windows 11 нормально работать с 4 ГБ ОЗУ

One of the sections that received the most criticism concerned the minimum requirements for a firm. Microsoft wants it to be the most secure operating system possible, which is why some modern computers don’t even meet the requirements. Leaving aside the more technical sections such as TPM what has been talked about so much these weeks, now we are going to focus on minimum RAM

Can Windows 11 work fine with 4GB of RAM

And in the same way that some of the most modern computers do not meet certain requirements, others are old – at least on paper. At the same time, we want to tell you that among minimum requirements Windows eleven Microsoft asks for at least 4GB of installed RAM. Keep in mind that this amount of RAM can be a little limited these days, so many may wonder if it really is enough.


In addition to the aforementioned RAM, another requirement is the presence of at least Dual core CPU. Despite the trend towards newer computers, today millions of users still have computers with 4GB. Considering the software giant’s request to use Windows 11, many of them might have considered installing a new system.

Windows 11 works fine with 4GB

The first thing we need to know is that no matter how strict these internal specifications are, if the computer meets the required requirements, it will be possible to automatically install a new Microsoft system.

This means that initially we will have no problems with the transition from the old Windows on this one. In fact, we can say that we will have the opportunity to launch a new Windows 11 and start working with her. Thus, we can say that those who have a computer that meets the requirements and has four gigabytes of RAM will be able to use this software. At the same time, we will not have problems in fulfilling certain office work surfing the internet and doing light tasks.

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However, problems will start later, for example, when we try to run several programs at the same time. As soon as we start working with more demanding software, the team will start to disintegrate. It should be borne in mind that when starting the PC in this case RAM consumption from the very beginning it is already about 80%. This helps us understand how close this minimum requirement is.

How much RAM does the system really need?

We have already commented earlier that, for example, we can surf the Internet, but with restrictions. To give us an idea, open more than three or four tabs in Google chrome at the same time, so the viewing becomes annoying. This is not to mention the multitasking functions that we usually do on systems like Windows… If we talk about more demanding design or video editing programs , we can open them, but perhaps we want to avoid working with them.

In short, even though Microsoft sets a minimum requirement for a computer with 4GB of RAM, it is not recommended to do so at all. Yes, we can start the system, but it is unlikely that we will be able to functionally work with our applications. So we could say that the minimum requirement should be 8 GB, although we can increase it to 16 GB, we can already enjoy the new Windows 11 to the fullest.