Can you solve the Samsung camera error?

by Kelvin
Can you solve the Samsung camera error? 1

Can you solve the Samsung camera error? 2

Samsung offers the most popular mobiles worldwide. Among the devices that have Android operating system are the most purchased, but its operation is not perfect and sometimes presents errors. Samsung camera error is a very common problem for some users. This is an awkward situation and in most cases users don't know how to fix it. Here we will leave you how to solve it.

Samsung camera error learns to fix it


Samsung camera error is a problem

This error is a persistent problem in some Samsung and occurs when trying to record a video or take photos. The message "Warning: Camera error" appears immediately. The devices that have presented this problem the most are the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy S4

The source of Samsung camera error may be for several reasons. One of them is a hardware failure in which case you should go to the store where you bought it. The other reason could be that the software is not working in the best way. In this case the problem can be solved.

Possible ways to solve this error

The first thing we all do at the time of the problem is to restart or turn off the mobile. This takes you out of the problem momentarily, but the error reoccurs.. The following options can definitely solve the problem.

  • Go to "Settings" – "Application Manager" and then swipe left to display installed applications. Select "Camera" and proceed to delete the cache. This simple solution will make your camera run smoothly.
  • Turn off the phone and turn it on again. When the Samsung logo appears press the volume down button. It will start in "Safe Mode". Try the camera and if it works well then it is another installed app that is causing the inconvenience.
  • Without any of the above works for you then take your device to an authorized Samsung agent.

Last resort: a factory reset or Hard Reset

Then if you have followed any of the above procedures your camera should be working fine. Otherwise if you failed to repair the fault, unfortunately you will have to do a Hard Reset or factory reset. But first remember to make a backup.

Do not be discouraged either with one option or with the other you can solve the error and enjoy your camera. Do not faint!

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