Samsung has recently introduced its new high-end, the Galaxy Note 10. This mobile, which a priori is the best in the market, has an addition that no other phone of any other brand houses, the S-Pen. This S-Pen, inspired by the first PDAs, allows you to enjoy new features that make it completely different and groundbreaking. However, this year the S-Pen has improved a lot and has achieved it thanks to the incorporation of Bluetooth technology inside.


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The new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has an S-Pen that is characterized by integrating Bluetooth in addition to its own accelerometer and gyroscope in the stylus, which makes it a different and magical mobile. So that application developers can use these features they have released the SDK and the first to take advantage of it has been King! Candy Crush saga games.

Candy Crush now has exclusive content for the Note 10

Candy Crush Friends Saga is the first mobile game that uses the air gestures of the S-Pen Galaxy Note 10. King !, the French studio behind this game, has also added a new hungry Yeti that, with the use of augmented reality, can offer new game modes for Android users. This little monster will be available in Candy Crush Saga on August 30 (this week).

It will be enough with point the phone's camera at a flat surface to bring this Yeti to life, a creature that uses augmented reality so you can interact with it. Players can get extra gifts using this monster and the feature is available to all Android users. In the case of Galaxy Note 10 these users will enjoy extra interactions with which they will get exclusive gifts.

King has invited Lisa and Jisoo, from Blackpink group, K-Pop singers to try these features. In the videos you can see some advances of these new functions that will only be available for Galaxy Note 10. With this S-Pen it will be possible to carry out actions that no other mobile will be able to carry out such as shake it so that it applauds and some other thing. You have a Galaxy Note 10 and you play Candy Crush Friends Saga? Then you are in luck.

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