Capcom announces new game mode for 'Megan Man Zero / ZX Legacy Collections'

by Kelvin
La guía del gamer.

When it comes to pleasing fans, the Capcom company is always looking for ways not to let them down and this time it has achieved its goal in two striking and exciting ways.

The first one was the compilation of the games 'Megan Man X Legacy Collection', where his followers will have the opportunity from January 21 of the coming year 2020, to enjoy all the video games of the famous series 'Mega Man', where they were included many extras as well as various game modes.


This collection apart from including the four games of 'Mega Man Zero', will have two more that are 'Megan Man ZX' and 'Mega Man ZX Advent' and this is where the second surprise comes true, which was announced by Capcom in the Tokyo Game Show 2019.

Thinking about the enjoyment of fans of the successful series, the great novelty will consist of a new speed mode called Chaser Z which will subject the player to a race against time while reaching the required levels.

Demonstrating time trial skills

This speed mode will test the speed of the player who will compete online with both friends and enemies to reach the levels in the shortest possible time, which will undoubtedly put him under great tension while the timer marks the elapsed time.

An advance was presented which we left at the end of these lines, where you can see the three main modes that will have the Z Chaser mode, which are solo hunter, double chaser and world record chaser.

As expected, each of them will have different modalities but in any case, the main line to follow is to clear each of the twelve levels or stages against the clock, having as secondary components that you can face with the friends who are playing with you on the console

This decision of Capcom to add new details to its old collection games has aroused much interest among its fans who remember with nostalgia as they demonstrated their skills passing the levels of ‘Mega Man’

Finally Capcom also announced that this collection will include a gallery of images with their respective soundtracks, so it only remains to wait just four months to begin enjoying this refurbished series, which will be available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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