Capcom announces two new skins for Balrog and Kage in Street Fighter V

by Kelvin
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Capcom has announced two new skins for two Street Fighter V fighters, both of which belong to seasons that arrived after the game was launched, so Capcom is “giving away” cosmetic elements from rather recent characters.

The skins can be obtained right now in the game using free methods and, for now, in no other more direct way as in the PlayStation Store, Xbox Live or Steam. You will not be able to use real money to get them so you will have to work hard (in the game) to get them.


Tempting luck

These cosmetic elements were revealed through the official account of Twitter from Street Figthter, the first one is from Balrog, the African-American boxer changes the colors of his accessories a bit with this new skin and, most importantly, he removes the hooded sweater that he usually uses for each fight in the most recent deliveries of the Capcom fight title.

Balrog may’ve been banned from professional boxing, but he still looks ring ready with the gloves, shorts & boots that make up his all-new No Escape costume.

Go for rough, tough & buff when these city duds appear in Fighting Chance starting Sept 17th. ????

– Street Fighter (@StreetFighter) September 11, 2019

The skin will be called “No Escape” and can only be achieved through the Fighting Chance mode, that is, we must visit Menat (just select the game mode in the menu) and ask him to read our fortune for 500 Fight Money. The chances of acquiring the Balrog skin are rather low but the point is that it is now part of the "vault" along with many other cosmetic elements.

For his part, Kage has received a skin from Asura, another of Capcom's characters, but that belongs to the Asura’s Wrath franchise that we haven't heard of for several years. It is not the first collaboration between both franchises but it is the first one made in a Street Fighter game.

Fighting a 12,000-year-old demigod can be a huge time commitment. Just ask Akuma. That’s why Kage has opted for an Asura costume rather than an angry challenge.

Will the Vajra Asura mesh well with the Satsui no Hado? Find out when this costume hits Extra Battle from Sept 27th.

– Street Fighter (@StreetFighter) September 12, 2019

To get it we will have to enter the Extra Mode and bet Fight Money, once we do we will have to overcome certain random challenges and hope that the prize is this skin.

Street Fighter V is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC and, although Capcom, announced that there would be no more seasons that has not prevented them from updating the game and releasing new characters.

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