Capture image of a solar eclipse in Jupiter

by Kelvin

We owe the image to NASA's Juno probe.

A NASA satellite captured the moment when a solar eclipse took place on the surface of Jupiter. In the image you can see the colossal surface of the red giant spotted by just a small shadow.

NASA's Juno probe obtained the image of a solar eclipse that happened in Jupiter. In the image you can see the surface of the red planet being invaded by a small black spot. This small black spot is the shadow of one of its multiple moons projected on its gaseous surface.


Solar eclipses take place when the moon (or the moons, as in the case of Jupiter) gets between the planet and the sun. The position of the moon causes its shadow to be cast on the planet. As the mass and volume of Jupiter's moons is extremely small compared to the planet, the shadow barely covers a portion of its surface.

(Photo: NASA)

Source: BoingBoing

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