Caution! Fraudulent SMS continues to circulate and on behalf of more businesses

by Kelvin
Caution! Fraudulent SMS continues to circulate and on behalf of more businesses

A few weeks ago we talked about how fraudulent SMS was circulating on behalf of Worten. These were intended to collect user data and subscribe to services, charging victims.

Unfortunately, these messages came back differently under the names of other companies. The examples below show you two fraudulent SMS on behalf of the Netflix subscription service and BPI bank.


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The first example shows you a supposed message from Netflix indicating that your account has been disabled and that you need to update your payment data. In the case of the second message, the mode of operation is similar. The message says that the mobile phone is not registered and the user has lost access to Homebanking.

As is normal with these schemes, a link is always given that the user must open to 'resolve the situation'. Whatever you do, Never open the links. You will be redirected to a page that will ask you for personal or financial data or try to install malware on your mobile phone.

How to avoid this type of fraud

Unfortunately, it is difficult to avoid receiving such messages. The best you can do is be aware of what sites you subscribe to, your records and the data you post. Personal information is a valuable bargaining chip these days, coveted by criminals for all sorts of attacks.

If you are the victim of one of these attacks, check if there is any information for cancellation on the site you have opened and if you can't, go to the authorities (your carrier or bank may be able to help you).

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