Caviar presents its Apple Watch Series 4 for a price of $ 43,850

by Kelvin
Caviar presents its Apple Watch Series 4 for a price of $ 43,850 1

Caviar It is a luxurious brand that is dedicated to presenting its own editions of technological products and that include a new very exclusive design and that only those who do not know how to make money can afford. After a while preparing his new release, it was time to present it to the world.

The Apple Watch 4 series are already available on the page of Caviar with a new exclusive design with several models that determine what we want to spend on these special models. The most affordable start at $ 3,880 and they focus on a gold body with jewels attached to leather straps, but these are not the models that most attract attention in the new series they have designed.


The Apple Watch 4 Red Caviar has 633 rubies embedded in both its strap and the body of the watch, causing it to be priced at $ 37,650. The model Black caviar it's similar, but with black diamonds instead of rubies and is priced at $ 41,390. However, the jewel in the crown is the White caviar, which presents a Apple Watch 4 with 633 diamonds embedded for a price of $ 43,850, being the most exclusive model of this new range. If it's any consolation, at least shipping is free.

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