Celebrate friendship and receive more gifts in Pokemon Go!

by Kelvin
Celebrate friendship and receive more gifts in Pokemon Go!

Pokemon go He still throws parties for 3 His first year on the market. One way to attract more players is through prizes and this way they will celebrate the developers over the next few weeks with all the coaches in the world, who will be able to receive more items and at the same time have the possibility of finding characters of various colors. .

Niantic reports that showing their friendship with other users of the title will have many awards Pokemon go from August 5 (3:00 p.m.) to August 19 (3:00 p.m., Mexico City time). During this period, all the eggs received in the award hatch after 2 kilometers. It is important to clarify that, despite its subtle appearance, it consists of 2 kilometers of eggs, the Pokemon that will hatch will be those that usually go as far 7 kilometers, regardless of if the creature broke the shell after the event.


Furthermore, the developer also revealed that during this period, there would be an opportunity for the eggs to hatch Pokémon Shy Bonsly in the form of a variocolor (shiny). We remind you that Bonsly is a pre-revolutionary Sudowoodo, so if you get 2 Bonsly, you can give it to your friends or you can develop Pokemon Imitation by giving him 50 candies and walking 15 kilometers with him as a partner.

As if that wasn't enough, the number of prizes you can open per day will increase to 30 and that you can carry in your inventory will increase to 20.

Pokemon go

What do you think about this event? Will you take the opportunity to get Bocolly variocolor? Are you going to organize with friends to get more prizes? Let us know in the comments.

We remind you Pokemon go This is 3 years old and in that period they had already made a lot of profits and even shortly afterwards they reported that it had exceeded a billion downloads. To use your hatching tour, we remind you that you can participate in Raid Battles, which are returned by Pokémon The legendary Rayquaza for a limited time. We also remind you that Team Rocket recently destroyed several PokéStops and continues to affect many creatures. Finally we warn you that it has been revealed that it will be the next Pokemon protagonist on the next day of the community.

Pokemon go It has been available since 2016 and can be found on a mobile device. If you want to know more about it, we invite you to visit our service.

Celebrate friendship and receive more gifts in Pokemon Go! one

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