Cell phone with removable battery? You can forget something like that!

by Kelvin

Remember the cell phone that has a removable battery? Where can we remove the back cover, replace the battery, and once again have a 100% battery to handle a very long day?

If you don't remember this, you could be much younger than me … But I'm only 27 years old … Hmm, go ahead!


That being said, today if you want to remove the battery from your cell phone. Maybe you have to solve it!

But why? At the moment, all high-end smartphones cost more than € 1,000, why do manufacturers choose to hide batteries in glass and aluminum sandwiches?

Are we at the bottom, falling victim to a massive conspiracy from the biggest producers who just want their fans to buy a new smartphone every year? Or at least pay an unreasonable amount for a new battery … Let's try to find out!

Clearly, a part of me fully agrees with the above idea. In fact, manufacturers have come to the conclusion that making non-removable batteries is a good way to keep money.

However, there are other reasons why these types of batteries are outdated.

Cell phone with removable battery? You can forget something like that! 3

Despite the fact that a removable battery is still on the list of many fans. There is another field that users want to see updated! All the repairs, deep down, conflict with a removable battery. Now look:

Waterproof and dustproof certification.

This is one of the most important areas, that is, if you don't know, a cell phone with a removable battery is much more difficult to seal.

The removable battery is also thicker and harder.

If you have opened a modern smartphone, you may notice that the battery is very thin but much higher. Apart from that, they are very flexible and soft.

So in the past, removable batteries had to have protective covers to reduce the risk of fire and increase ease of installation. So, without this cover, now we have smartphones thinner.

Slim and lightweight design of all Premium smartphones

S10 + vs P30 Pro

We live in a time when smartphone manufacturers really have concerns about battery life, but also about the appearance of batteries.

And for that, they try to preserve as much space as possible on the cell phone! While keeping the body of the device slim and light. After all, due to this, we lost some old school components like Audio Jack.

In short, the mobile phone is powerful and equipped with features. It also has to be visually appealing to consumers. And with a removable battery, in addition to the promise inside the smartphone, we also have a date outside the smartphone.

After all, with this type of battery, they can say goodbye to cell phones made of glass and aluminum. (Most of smartphones ‘Premium’ today.) And who wants a plastic phone in 2019?

Besides that, what do you think of all this? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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