CEO of Twitter with account hacked via your mobile number

by Kelvin
CEO of Twitter with account hacked via your mobile number

Yesterday the account of Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter) was hacked by a group called Chuckle Squad. The account was eventually recovered in just 15 minutes, but it was enough for the group to leave some racist or Holocaust-related messages.

This hack had no major negative effects for Twiiter, because all the tweets released by the group have already been deleted. What we can draw from this event is the "simple" way these hackers managed to gain access to the social networking CEO account.

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter

Hackers used a technique called "SIM hacking"

In layman's terms, these miscreants managed to convince Jack Dorsey's operator that he had changed his phone. Thus, the group got that number of the CEO of the Twitter associated with a mobile phone they controlled.

How they have achieved this has yet to be explained. AT&T, the US operator concerned, has not disclosed the details of this hack and is unlikely to do so.

This technique results from the functionality that the Twitter provides that allows its users to post tweets via SMS. Simply send the message you want to share on the social network to a certain number.

All you have to do is have your mobile number associated with your account on Twitter. This can be particularly advantageous for those who do not have a smartphone or do not have the social networking application installed.

This hacking method is not new

The method used to take control of the CEO's account Twitter This is not new to the business. There are reports of similar events attempting to steal Bitcoins or accounts from Instagram of influential people.

This reminds us that the easier it is to have access to our accounts, the easier it will be for malicious people to achieve the same.

Already hacking the account of the major responsible for the social network is embarrassing news for the Twitter. If they cannot guarantee the safety of their own people, how will they be able to guarantee the millions of active users in the world?

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